Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lizard Funk

What is a street bass? This is a perfectly legitimate question for anyone who may not yet have wised up to the steady stream of quality nastyness coming out on Philadelphia’s Seclusiasis label. If Monday’s album release from DNAEBEATS is any indication, street bass resembles a grimey ganja-laden curry that crawled out from the disco stacks and bit you on the leg. Many of the tracks here fall well outside the tempos of the Dubstep/Grime standard 140 bpm. Those tracks that ride slower avoid the jarring loops of LA’s wonky/beat scene to experiment in stickier synth regions.

Blap Zapper, Reptilian MIDI Jazz, Banana Leaf, and Disko Blunt have more in common with San Fran’s more mainstream hip-hop flavors. Of course these only crop up once we’ve gotten a good dose of burbling mental Dubstep, of which Brazilian Bug Bite is an exquisite example. What all of these tracks share is a good level of synth-f*ckery and understated instrumentation that one might expect to find on Planet Mu, Ninja Tune, or Warp labels. This is an absolute crowning gem for the 2010 Seclusias crown and a benchmark for other stateside bass tasters. Don’t bother trying to pick your favorites out of the solid13 track album. This is one you want in full, on repeat, and loud enough to wake the 6 foot iguanas. Bullet Proof Green Curry, baby!

Available now at Halcyondigi!
DNAEBEATS - Reptilian MIDI Jazz by Seclusiasis
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Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Grind Late Edition

Here's a review from last week of Untold's new release on R&S records on the Halcyon blog. It's something of a more techno twist on the usual bruising garage fair Untold puts out. Among other improvements in webland, I've added a tumblr feed/blog of my writing/design work over at maximkframpton.com

On the late, late extra late notice, in less than 2 hours I will be rocking Konkrete Jungle OG alongside Nebulla Dotson and some serious real OG's like Odi/I-Cue/Gourage/Praying Mantis as well as Bookz First City and Enoe. All back 2 back rudeness to celebrate KJ's moving to the Sullivan Room streaming live on the ustreamiznoz on this here blog space. And the Holla for a Dolla passcode is ...

Also, there's a new mix up on the right there under the t-shirt if you hadn't seen that yet ...

Grapes of Wrath is playing at Film Forum go see it! Peace,

Maxi Rabbi
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Monday, November 22, 2010


Whats going on people...
Quick teaser post to announce the release date for GBEP2 is now this Black Friday!
Once again, just like part one, its a double EP, containing 8 big riddimz that mixes grime and dancehall together. Look out for the vocalled versions dropping early next month...
Here is the youtube teaser mix to wet the appetite...

Here is a bpm break down of the Riddims...
1.Tankette Riddim 110bpm
2.Gully Eskimo Riddim 140bpm
3.Coolie Rave Riddim 120bpm
4.Cobra Riddim 95bpm
5.Amhurst Road Riddim 145bpm
6.98 Riddim 98bpm
7.Mad General Riddim 82bpm
8.Street Sweeper Riddim 140bpm

ALSO LOOK OUT FOR; INSOMNIA "No rest for da wicked" MIXTAPE coming early next month, FIRST CITY;AMMUNITION 2, and of course the last part of the trilogy; GRIMEY BASHMENT 3 in 2011! dontsleep!
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

SoundTest: Mosh Pit Riddim by Mad Scientist

Aint made a grime riddim for a while... sutin to get rowdy wit...back to the bashment next week! DONTSLEEP!

Mosh Pit Riddim by Mad Scientist by madscientistnyc
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Saturday, November 20, 2010


U dont like me??? Its fine, cah I DONT LIKE U!!!!
Recently, I have been receiving more and more hate...both types... st8 to the face and sumtimes that coward on da low "chat shit behind yr back" hate. But its cool cah Im doing what I want and am happy, while alot of these aging losers have nutin!!!

Anyways, part of the reason why im called the Mad Scientist is mainly two reasons.... Germz (FREE GERMZ!!!) referred to me in that term due to my obsessive work rate and secondly due to my stereo typical southern Italian temper, which those that know me, well, know about. Music is therapy to me and it helps get out aggression without hospital visits....or doing stupid shit. So, if u got a pack of haters...or just am pissed off wit life, your boss, your job....anything...DOWNLOAD THIS!!! put it on your ipod/sound system....pick sum weights up or get on that floor and do a 100! think of that loser hater and turn that aggression into muscle...

This is the Grimey mashup refix of the newest Lil Jon tune on Mad Decent...
The Riddimz included are sum classicks from Terror Danjah, Big Ship, Skepta, Silencer and Wiley... ENJOY!!! BLE$$!

U Dont Like Me Grimey Mashup by Mad Scienist (DontSleepNYC.com) by madscientistnyc
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Relay Tune Resurrections...

Dont worry, I am not going to a do a post about the new 2011 version of "Pow" as I am sure every other music blog in the world will be doing so as I type this.
Instead I want to talk about "Relay" tunes. It seems like poetic timing that Pow 2011 has arrived, as the other day I found myself asking "what happened to dem relay tunes?!?!?!"

To many of the Yanky readers, your proberly wondering; what the fuck is a relay tune?!?!? Well, correct me if im wrong, but its bassically when like a whole bunch of MCs get on one riddim with short 8 or 16 bar verses... A sick and highly over looked example of this is the 2005 "Monsta Riddim"....

As you can see, relay tunes where sutin more common in the "golden era" of UKG and Grime which I see happening less and less these days. WHY?!?!? God only knows, but they were OVERLY sick!!
I always enjoyed seeing the way different MCs would eat up the same riddim and the hype that would create. Something that Grime has much in common with the JA Dancehall traditions it is so strongly influenced by.

The original Pow (or Forward Riddim) was such a big phenomenon, not only in the UK, but in America too, it even got American hipsters jacking the style and making their own versions. I think Busta and Jay Z at one point even jumped on it too. I can remember riding the bus in London and lil school kids making gun fingaz and shouting "pow!!! if u dont know about me!!!! POW!!!!" Infact, I think somewhere in a deep dark pile of old external hard drives I have a radio rip of the debut on Kiss FM... I gotta find it and post it!

Its funny how people also tend to forget how controversial the original Pow was. Getting banned from Clubs and Radio stations across Great Britain, and I remember hearing that DJs where in fact banned from playing it, on fears that it would cause violence or sutin stupid like that. Its seems completely ridiculous now and nothing but old school British racism.

On the Subject of controversy, it brings me nicely on the subject of The So Solid Crew. Fellow south Londoners, and a massive influence on me and so many others, They are also a very important milestone in British Black Music. They are a crew that have had so much controversy and success that I would'nt even know where to begin, so wiki dem ASAP if u dont know! Yesturday I was having a discussion with a few Yanky garage producers. They were educating me on the long tradition of house and american garage (big yawn). But what they dont know is back in early two thousands and late nineties, So Solid, Oxide and Neutrino where making a shit load of money bringing UKG to mainstream attention in the UK. One of the Landmark and chart topping records back in 2001 was "21 seconds"... IT DEFINES THE RELAY TUNE FORMULA....also check out "They dont Know"....CLASSICKS!!!

But forget the hype and all the controversy. What makes So Solid so important is MONEY! They were the first UK "Urban" artists from road to go sutin ridiculous like double or triple Platinum. Not something we will EVER see Garage do again. And for all the arguing yanks obsessing over 140 based music, its something to bear in mind! I dont recall any American garage making millionaires?!?! do u?????
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wormhole I Aint Battered Yet

After slugging away at the first paragraph an early David Harvey text on geography and the corporate state for the third time through, I found myself thinking of Blackdown's essential blog on things London and UKG related. If you ever needed a reminder of where this whole music thing is going look to video's like the one above. It's beautifully shot and edited, not mention perfectly matched with the Shaolin wizardry of it's sonic component. Unlike the instant nostalgia of a Hipstamatic and other awkward digitally aged film effects, Jonathan Howell's photography gives the piece an uncanny timeless presence without feeling like it came out of a can. This film and others found on the Keysound Recordings youtube channel offer an example of a space in which geography, art and music intersect. I have yet to wrap my head around how playing this many layered bit of media in the non-space of the internet can effect its overall meaning. Perhaps these are in-fact wormholes in the 4th dimension through which to connect the balletic tantra of Maya Deren with the sounds of a parallel universe in the back of a night bus. Go figure.
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Sound Test: Babylon Krush - Max Echo

After dropping my debut EP on First City Records last month, my production took a small detour effort to create some bashment and dancehall. You can find one or two of these on my soundcloud. It's always good to try something new, as it will help further your capability as a producer, even if the end results of said effort are better off locked away in a dark closet to never see the light of day! Anyway, it was good to try some different and hopefully what I learned will come in handy when I get down to a collaborative project with a certain irate alchemist. But that is for the future.
Today I am pleased to share with the blargospear a little something I cooked up over the last 3 days called Babylon Krush. Holler at me if you are a record label and want to sign this or are a DJ that is playing on radio, live events or making mixes and you don't suck! AOL:MDORE1982 bless!
Babylon Krush by maxecho
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Diddy Curse... The Rise and Fall of G-Dep

So, in true Dontsleep fashion, its 3:42am and I have just woken up as I cant sleep. Turned on the computer to see a post about G_Dep... Some of u young gunz out there may not know who that is, but me and the wifey were just talking about not so long ago...

The other week we had a "golden era" mix going on the old youtubez and amongst the selection playing, was a whole bunch of badboy Artists from back in the day. What started the marathon of Diddy Bop music was Skepta's recent video to his grime remix of "Hello, Good Morning". We started there,with the most recent and worked our way back, all the way back to Biggie and the start of the Badboy Empire. To a lot of you out there, you probably know about the "Diddy Curse" that seems to of started and ended so many careers (if not check the hilarious webcam video below from Avenger772)

Among the Loons, Ginuwines, Black Robs, Mario Winans etc etc...There was this rapper, "G-dep" from New Yorks very own Harlem. He got signed to Diddys/Puffy's Badboy during the peak of the Hip-hop boom golden era and like so many badboy artists seemed to simply Disappear not so long after. I remember me and my wifey both saying to each other; "what the fuck happened to G-Dep?!?!?!" I even had a copy of his debut album sumwhere and I always thought he was kinda underrated. So, when I saw this video only this morning, I wasted no time in taking a look. I was kinda surprised, depressed and intrigued all at the same time. The first thing that struck me was the score to this almost "short" film. Its really cool, in that Miles Davis Bitches Brew kinda of way...and really well reflects the jagged ruffness of the story itself. Also the fact that he went back to the street to jack and stack was kinda shocking considering he was on at that time, one of the richest and powerful hiphop labels of all time.... MADDDNESSESS! But above all this, What makes it really unique and relevant to Dontsleepnyc; its a real NYC story. It seems to echo the current state of cultural decline this city is going through and its really a sad state of affairs.

Anyways, check this short film out and lets hope the Diddy Curse does NOT effect people overseas, lets say grime rappers from Tottenham, north London for example!

The Rise and fall of G-Dep...

104 - Night Nurse from ARTE New York Minute on Vimeo.

The Curse of Diddy Part 1 of 3...

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NYC.. stop harassing your Nightclubs...

santos party house,nyc,dontsleep

Nightlife here in the city the last few weeks have been a bit sh*t..
the police shut down of Santos Party House, right before one of the biggest
weekends of the season was B.S..... Brooklyn has not been immune either,
and has seen its fair share of scrutiny and closures..

But what the city fails to realize is, its actions ultimately deal a financial blow to the promotors, magazines, record labels and
clothing lines that are involved and that do business in the city. When they unjustly shut down a club they effectively kill events that took months to prep... not to mention the costs incurred with bringing talent here: airplane tickets, hotel costs... that everyone must swallow while not being able to recoup their investment..
These types of actions will make businesses think twice....

New York seems hellbent on strangling the life out of its city... then what will be left... ?? a bunch of expensive glass condo's no one will live in, and no where to go...
For all the talk of wanting to help spur business in the city, these actions are obviously not helping...

For the cultural mecca NYC professes itself to be, it owes its nightlife
more respect than this...
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Randomer - Be Electric/Zabu

The joke behind Rohan Walders' name may only tickle the calculus and philosophy heads in our midst, but the wacky inventiveness and sarcastic samples thrown together in his productions are lost on no one. Randomer launched into high demand with his early releases on Med School, Hospital Records' sub-label for all things non-dnb. Med school is a good match for Randomer, considering that he tends to work in divergent forms of either half-step drum and bass or funky carnival-ready garage.
On Be Electric - crafted for Brighton based Tru Thoughts label - Rohan's funky side goes synth-pop-purple, sounding as if one of MJ Cole's synths had gone on a rouge bender and staggered into a Vegas casino full of raw ether and timbales. The echoing vocals also make it a close match for many of Ramadanman's earlier tracks, as does the mid-track transition in which drums and bass are whisked away to allow the detail of the multi-layered organs and sour leads to come through. One of Mr. Walders' best qualities is his ability to provide a density of detail on his tracks without them sounding crowded or losing their impact and this track is no different. Zabu, on the flip, takes you on a mutant-brass ride into tribal-funk territories. Randomer's talent for keys comes through on this track as well adding a wonderful building energy around the elephantine horns and outlining walloping saber-toothed bass. The entire zoological expedition is staked out with some terrific drum fills while the persistent tambourine-shaker combo and subtle hand claps ensure that the uplifting, manic quality runs throughout. If you appreciate any amount of soul in your funky bin, these two are for you!
Buy this and other, more-randomer masterpieces at http://www.halcyonline.com
Randomer - Be Electric by Randomer
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Get your youtube DJ on

Something i have been meaning to post as well. I rediscovered accidentally while looking through an old fader mag. however i had originally come across this site when I was off some high grade in the city one night and this strange ass kid put me on at a bugged house party. i think i mentally blocked the party out along with this lil gem, but finally its back on the radar:


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Un Prophete

This movie right here is absolute heat. No pulled punches, raw film the only way I like it. Generally we stick to music here, but this film is a must see for its pure dose of reality.

Really I would go into more detail, I just dont want to take anything away from the experience so entice yourself if need be by peeping the trailor below. Really you should dedicate a couple of hours, 2 hours and 35 minutes to be exact, and watch easily one fo the best films of the past 10 years. Kudos to Jacques Audiard, def. need to watch more of his films. Also that is the Russian release's cover right there, film is in french with some arabic, and italian as well.

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Let the Badman kno... No Lies ft. MC Zulu Remix by Mad Scientist

Ok, so this is my Remix of "No Lies"... Featuring MC ZULU. Big up legend producer Dub G. on the original and Badman MC Zulu everytime. ble$$

P.s. This is the Cobra Riddim
No Lies Ft MC Zulu REMIX by Mad Scientist (Cobra Riddim) by madscientistnyc
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sound Test: Pum Pum Inspector Riddim, Plus GBEP2 News...

Just a few weeks left until Grimey Bashment EP 2 (GBEP2) lands... and here is an update of the artwork (Above)...

Its pretty much done, but this time, much of the EP will have vocal versions for free download coming at the end of the month as part of a special mixtape project we have coming up. More info on that very soon. GBEP2 as many already know is the sequel to my best selling Grimey Bashment EP that came out during the summer. I will be finishing off the trilogy in Spring 2011 with Grimey Bashment 3.

In the meantime, if you aint already got the first one, go cop it! Also, here is a new riddim fresh off the production line...HOLLA for price/licensing...ble$$!

Pum Pum Inspector Riddim by Mad Scientist by madscientistnyc
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