Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Diddy Curse... The Rise and Fall of G-Dep

So, in true Dontsleep fashion, its 3:42am and I have just woken up as I cant sleep. Turned on the computer to see a post about G_Dep... Some of u young gunz out there may not know who that is, but me and the wifey were just talking about not so long ago...

The other week we had a "golden era" mix going on the old youtubez and amongst the selection playing, was a whole bunch of badboy Artists from back in the day. What started the marathon of Diddy Bop music was Skepta's recent video to his grime remix of "Hello, Good Morning". We started there,with the most recent and worked our way back, all the way back to Biggie and the start of the Badboy Empire. To a lot of you out there, you probably know about the "Diddy Curse" that seems to of started and ended so many careers (if not check the hilarious webcam video below from Avenger772)

Among the Loons, Ginuwines, Black Robs, Mario Winans etc etc...There was this rapper, "G-dep" from New Yorks very own Harlem. He got signed to Diddys/Puffy's Badboy during the peak of the Hip-hop boom golden era and like so many badboy artists seemed to simply Disappear not so long after. I remember me and my wifey both saying to each other; "what the fuck happened to G-Dep?!?!?!" I even had a copy of his debut album sumwhere and I always thought he was kinda underrated. So, when I saw this video only this morning, I wasted no time in taking a look. I was kinda surprised, depressed and intrigued all at the same time. The first thing that struck me was the score to this almost "short" film. Its really cool, in that Miles Davis Bitches Brew kinda of way...and really well reflects the jagged ruffness of the story itself. Also the fact that he went back to the street to jack and stack was kinda shocking considering he was on at that time, one of the richest and powerful hiphop labels of all time.... MADDDNESSESS! But above all this, What makes it really unique and relevant to Dontsleepnyc; its a real NYC story. It seems to echo the current state of cultural decline this city is going through and its really a sad state of affairs.

Anyways, check this short film out and lets hope the Diddy Curse does NOT effect people overseas, lets say grime rappers from Tottenham, north London for example!

The Rise and fall of G-Dep...

104 - Night Nurse from ARTE New York Minute on Vimeo.

The Curse of Diddy Part 1 of 3...
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