Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lizard Funk

What is a street bass? This is a perfectly legitimate question for anyone who may not yet have wised up to the steady stream of quality nastyness coming out on Philadelphia’s Seclusiasis label. If Monday’s album release from DNAEBEATS is any indication, street bass resembles a grimey ganja-laden curry that crawled out from the disco stacks and bit you on the leg. Many of the tracks here fall well outside the tempos of the Dubstep/Grime standard 140 bpm. Those tracks that ride slower avoid the jarring loops of LA’s wonky/beat scene to experiment in stickier synth regions.

Blap Zapper, Reptilian MIDI Jazz, Banana Leaf, and Disko Blunt have more in common with San Fran’s more mainstream hip-hop flavors. Of course these only crop up once we’ve gotten a good dose of burbling mental Dubstep, of which Brazilian Bug Bite is an exquisite example. What all of these tracks share is a good level of synth-f*ckery and understated instrumentation that one might expect to find on Planet Mu, Ninja Tune, or Warp labels. This is an absolute crowning gem for the 2010 Seclusias crown and a benchmark for other stateside bass tasters. Don’t bother trying to pick your favorites out of the solid13 track album. This is one you want in full, on repeat, and loud enough to wake the 6 foot iguanas. Bullet Proof Green Curry, baby!

Available now at Halcyondigi!
DNAEBEATS - Reptilian MIDI Jazz by Seclusiasis
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