Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Grind Late Edition

Here's a review from last week of Untold's new release on R&S records on the Halcyon blog. It's something of a more techno twist on the usual bruising garage fair Untold puts out. Among other improvements in webland, I've added a tumblr feed/blog of my writing/design work over at

On the late, late extra late notice, in less than 2 hours I will be rocking Konkrete Jungle OG alongside Nebulla Dotson and some serious real OG's like Odi/I-Cue/Gourage/Praying Mantis as well as Bookz First City and Enoe. All back 2 back rudeness to celebrate KJ's moving to the Sullivan Room streaming live on the ustreamiznoz on this here blog space. And the Holla for a Dolla passcode is ...

Also, there's a new mix up on the right there under the t-shirt if you hadn't seen that yet ...

Grapes of Wrath is playing at Film Forum go see it! Peace,

Maxi Rabbi
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