Monday, November 8, 2010

Randomer - Be Electric/Zabu

The joke behind Rohan Walders' name may only tickle the calculus and philosophy heads in our midst, but the wacky inventiveness and sarcastic samples thrown together in his productions are lost on no one. Randomer launched into high demand with his early releases on Med School, Hospital Records' sub-label for all things non-dnb. Med school is a good match for Randomer, considering that he tends to work in divergent forms of either half-step drum and bass or funky carnival-ready garage.
On Be Electric - crafted for Brighton based Tru Thoughts label - Rohan's funky side goes synth-pop-purple, sounding as if one of MJ Cole's synths had gone on a rouge bender and staggered into a Vegas casino full of raw ether and timbales. The echoing vocals also make it a close match for many of Ramadanman's earlier tracks, as does the mid-track transition in which drums and bass are whisked away to allow the detail of the multi-layered organs and sour leads to come through. One of Mr. Walders' best qualities is his ability to provide a density of detail on his tracks without them sounding crowded or losing their impact and this track is no different. Zabu, on the flip, takes you on a mutant-brass ride into tribal-funk territories. Randomer's talent for keys comes through on this track as well adding a wonderful building energy around the elephantine horns and outlining walloping saber-toothed bass. The entire zoological expedition is staked out with some terrific drum fills while the persistent tambourine-shaker combo and subtle hand claps ensure that the uplifting, manic quality runs throughout. If you appreciate any amount of soul in your funky bin, these two are for you!
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Randomer - Be Electric by Randomer
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