Friday, November 12, 2010

Sound Test: Babylon Krush - Max Echo

After dropping my debut EP on First City Records last month, my production took a small detour effort to create some bashment and dancehall. You can find one or two of these on my soundcloud. It's always good to try something new, as it will help further your capability as a producer, even if the end results of said effort are better off locked away in a dark closet to never see the light of day! Anyway, it was good to try some different and hopefully what I learned will come in handy when I get down to a collaborative project with a certain irate alchemist. But that is for the future.
Today I am pleased to share with the blargospear a little something I cooked up over the last 3 days called Babylon Krush. Holler at me if you are a record label and want to sign this or are a DJ that is playing on radio, live events or making mixes and you don't suck! AOL:MDORE1982 bless!
Babylon Krush by maxecho
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