Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wormhole I Aint Battered Yet

After slugging away at the first paragraph an early David Harvey text on geography and the corporate state for the third time through, I found myself thinking of Blackdown's essential blog on things London and UKG related. If you ever needed a reminder of where this whole music thing is going look to video's like the one above. It's beautifully shot and edited, not mention perfectly matched with the Shaolin wizardry of it's sonic component. Unlike the instant nostalgia of a Hipstamatic and other awkward digitally aged film effects, Jonathan Howell's photography gives the piece an uncanny timeless presence without feeling like it came out of a can. This film and others found on the Keysound Recordings youtube channel offer an example of a space in which geography, art and music intersect. I have yet to wrap my head around how playing this many layered bit of media in the non-space of the internet can effect its overall meaning. Perhaps these are in-fact wormholes in the 4th dimension through which to connect the balletic tantra of Maya Deren with the sounds of a parallel universe in the back of a night bus. Go figure.
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