Wednesday, December 29, 2010

London Boy Freestyle by Yung Tallest and Mad Scientist

Here is another sneak peak (and yes its PEAK!) from the "Insomnia" mixtape dropping very soon. This is the "London Boy" Freestyle by Yung Tallest aka Germz. Its a mixture of Grime, Rap and Bashment. This is also the "Total War" Riddim that will be on Ammunition 2, also dropping very soon on First City....

London Boy Freestyle by Mad Scientist Ft Yung Tallest (Total War Riddim) by madscientistnyc

For those that dont know Germz, let me do a little intro to this MC. Germz is a north London Grime MC that joined First City in 2008. He is also in "Locked and Loaded" crew with Snoopy Montana and DZA. Germz has performed along side some of the biggest MCs in the UK scene; P Money, Skepta, Jammer, just to name a few...
He has also featured on production from Rude Kid, Maniac, Static and myself.
Germz is currently serving a sentence at her majesty's pleasure and is expected to be home soon in 2011.

Here is a video of him performing on Tim Westwood from 2008...

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Friday, December 17, 2010


Very excited to announce a third place win on the Akai/Dub Gabriel "No Lies" Remix Competition.

Just want to share the good news and say big up to everyone who entered, some really amazing tracks, and big shout out to the winner "ARtroniks" and Runner Up "Echomer". Really sick productions there, so check em all out on da link below. Also, a special thanks to the Judges, it was an honor to have my work heard by such legendary Artists. BIG UP the people at Akai for making this happen, cant wait to try out my prize!!! Much respect to MC Zulu for such a sick vocal to work with, its was a real pleasure!!! Last but not least, a massive thank you to the man himself Dub Gabriel.... TOP A TOP PRODUCER!!!!!

Full remix details...

Check out the winners here...
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

SNEAK PEAK....."INSOMNIA: No Rest For The Wicked" by DontSleep/First City

Its 4:29AM on a weekday! And what am I doing??? Well, Its the perfect time to announce this....
Next weeks launch of The DontSleep/First City's newest mixtape "INSOMNIA: No rest for the wicked". Its been in the works since summer and is chockablock full madness! After months of delay, its finally ready to brake your ears, twist your hips and rattle your torso with bass.

The mixtape started after myself (Mad) and Max Echo were honored with the opportunity to remix a few of M.I.A. newest material from her album. We gave her tracks the funky/bashment treatment that had been asked of and they were then played at her ill fated album launch party at PS1 in L.I.C.
With acapellas of hers going unused and after we put two and two together we figured that with all these exclusive acapellas going unused on our hard drives it was time to have fun with it! So, we called in a few favours here and there and with the use of all these talented artists and connections we had made over the years, Insomnia started to take form. First City's Bookz joined in to give his grimey dubsteppy helping hand and work started a few months ago with over 30 acapellas from thirteen MCs.

So, whos on the mixtape? On Production, myself Mad Scientist, Max Echo and Bookz. On Vocals, representing London we have First City's very own Germz/Young Tallest. Also from the LDN we have M.I.A. Shizzle and Serocee. From NYC we have, Jahdan Blackamoore, Homeboy Sandman, and First City's MC Kush. From Jamaica we have Natel, Unslaught, Black Mattic and Natalie Storm. From Chicago we have MC Zulu and last but not least from Puerto Rico; Voltio and Sensato

So, how can i get it? where? well...Its EASY! Its all gonna be for FREE! YES! thats right FREEEEEEE....MADDNESSESS!!!! and available here ONLY! Podcast version coming after xmas... but really, its gonna be the best xmas present from us to u lot... a must for any serious insomnic, music addict, DJ, badman, your mum and your dad too!!!

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Weekly Event - Get Low!

As some of you may be aware, DontSleepNYC has been running a weekly live webcast on Every Wednesday for the past five months, Max Echo and Bookz have brought you their favorite selection of new tunes and original production along with guest DJs from NYC and abroad. For some time we've toyed with the idea of combining the live stream with a live event and now we've found just the right location. Tucked away on Chrystie and Delancey on the Lower East Side,Panda is decked out in art and photography from local artists. The front room sports a cozy bar with sake drink specials assembled by expert mixologists. We'll be handling the entertainment in the back room with residents Max Echo, Bookz, and Enoe and your host MC T.R.A.C. With the gracious sponsorship of streetwear outfit OnlyNY, we are pleased to bring you a night of Bashment, Grime, Dubstep, Funky, House and more. All for free! For those of you not in NY you can catch the stream here on the blog or on our ustream. Get out on the floor and Get Low!

Read the full bio's for our resident DJs here. Bless
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FREE GRIME RIDDIM! by Mad Scientist

Who says I never give anything back??!?!?!
Heres a free grime riddim i did the other day... DOWNLOAD FOR FREE!
Make sure you start following my new soundcloud page for more free madnessess coming soon. In the meantime, here is sum grime from yours truly, have a grimey xmas everyone! DONTSLEEP!
Witch Doctor Riddim by Mad Scientist ( by madscientistnyc
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Remember the Roads?!?!?

Many of our regular readers may of noticed my constant blogging on either grime or Bashment music. This aint gonna change anytime soon! lol
One of the main reasons I post on here about Grime music is; firstly, its what I started out producing (or trying to produce) and secondly... im sick to death of trying to explain every time i meet people out there what exactly Grime music is. So, its time sumbody put these yanks on. The usual response from my friends on this side of the pond is; "oh its like the UK version of Hip-hop??? right???"... to which I roll my eyes in despair and feel like knocking them out... ITS NOT OK!?!?!? yes there are people rapping but to be honest... its got more to do with Dancehall, UKG and Drum and Bass then anything else. To understand grime music fully, you have to understand Dancehall and drum and bass first. This is one of the main reasons (apart from the accent/slang differences) that Grime never really got big over here. Even when First City started using American MCs, the sonic difference was still too much for people and it just ended up sounding like dark angry crunk. Then Dubstep hit the states. The Hipsters moved in. The grime invasion was over like a failed D-day landing.
Meanwhile Back in the UK, people started to switch up and do rolex sweeps and the mainstream vs. underground changed the sound forever. There is still alot of hyper, angry, dark grime being made but its lost that special sutin, that special excitement of the "golden" era when everything felt new... uncharted territory.

What was that excitement about? To me, it was a moment of national pride. A time where a sound had finally arrived that could give the pop-soaked american hip-hop a good shanking for its money. It was aggressive and unashamed of it British urban origins, it represented the streets (or Roads) correctly, a form of rap that the UK could call its own. But most of all, it was the amalgamation of all my favorite forms of music, dancehall, drum and bass, garage and yes, hiphop too.

So, lets rewind to 2005/2006 time. I was still studying at I.A.R. in Manhattan and about to start and internship at a recording studio when "Run the Roads" volume 1 and 2 dropped. In that time it was still the "golden era" and when I played Kano's "Ps and Qs" to my class mates, their jaws dropped. I remember when I first heard it, I remember thinking its gonna be a hit, I mean, it has to be...its the hottest record I heard all year. How can it not sell off?!?!?
The months passed and nothing happened. Not one artist blew up from the whole Run the Road Compilation. It kinda made me sad even. I could understand that maybe Americans could not get what Kano was saying but how could a producer as talented as DaVinche (who produced Ps and Qs) not go on to do well producing for some american Artists?!?!?

So in a way, the the music game being as f-cked up as it is, I can kinda understand now when hardcore grime artists turn around and make some Justin Bieber music for the charts. Many see it as a betrayal of their musical roots, but really if even DaVinche cant go on to make hit records, whats the hope for everyone else?!?!? At the same time if everyone does it then we have a market filled with cheese, which is NEVER good. But, if lets say Skepta for example, can eat off pop tunes like "badboy" and it allows him to go on to make a shit load of really good grime records that year then maybe its worth it.

Another track, that in an ideal world should of sold quadruple platinum but didnt, was DaVinche's "Gotta Man" featuring Doctor. This is probably my favourite track of all time on the Run the Road CDs and from DaVinche. Its the perfect blend of Grimey Bashment. I still play it to this day and both me and the wifey sing along while skanking out like nutters. Its a timeless classic and will never get old. Doctors humorous story telling yard flow and Davinche's hyper party horns that became his trademark sound are the perfect combination.

Here is a special behind the scenes footage I came across by accident the other day of how it went down in the studio, along with a brief but interesting insight into the young prodigy, that is DaVinche.

Also, of course, the finished track complete with music video...dontsleep!

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

RIKO DAN - Sleeping Giant


i've been a little quiet on the blog for the past few weeks but I had to put my typing fingers on for this one...
even tho this album officially dropped last month, it's easily become my favorite of the year...
a lot a times an album might have one.. maybe 2/3 tracks that are aight... but this one..., I can safely say has a truckload of bangers on it...

for starters, one of my favs is "Blowin Up Again" .. i'd consider this one a definite Grime Anthem for the year, no question...
"ima step in the race and take over, badman step in ya face ur games over".... lyrics... he's got em... I first heard Riko on Dj Wonders "God's Gift" track, and he's been on my radar ever since...

Other big tracks on this album that I'm feelin are "The Phone Call" (which Mad Scientist did a piece on), "Call of Duty", "Grime Reaper" and "Greatest Killer" (which reminds me of the Sugarhill Gang Apache track, cause of its percussion)..

but theres soo many others on here.. u just have to check it for urself!!

u can cop this album at Juno... Itunes
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Monday, December 6, 2010

Songs 2 F#ck and Fight 2... FREE DOWNLOAD

Sick new Mixtape from Miss Storm...Free download here...
For more info go to

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Madnessess EP/Riddim Preview by Mad Scientist

This will be coming out early January...
Madnessess Riddim by Mad Scientist Preview by madscientistnyc
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