Tuesday, December 14, 2010

SNEAK PEAK....."INSOMNIA: No Rest For The Wicked" by DontSleep/First City

Its 4:29AM on a weekday! And what am I doing??? Well, Its the perfect time to announce this....
Next weeks launch of The DontSleep/First City's newest mixtape "INSOMNIA: No rest for the wicked". Its been in the works since summer and is chockablock full madness! After months of delay, its finally ready to brake your ears, twist your hips and rattle your torso with bass.

The mixtape started after myself (Mad) and Max Echo were honored with the opportunity to remix a few of M.I.A. newest material from her album. We gave her tracks the funky/bashment treatment that had been asked of and they were then played at her ill fated album launch party at PS1 in L.I.C.
With acapellas of hers going unused and after we put two and two together we figured that with all these exclusive acapellas going unused on our hard drives it was time to have fun with it! So, we called in a few favours here and there and with the use of all these talented artists and connections we had made over the years, Insomnia started to take form. First City's Bookz joined in to give his grimey dubsteppy helping hand and work started a few months ago with over 30 acapellas from thirteen MCs.

So, whos on the mixtape? On Production, myself Mad Scientist, Max Echo and Bookz. On Vocals, representing London we have First City's very own Germz/Young Tallest. Also from the LDN we have M.I.A. Shizzle and Serocee. From NYC we have, Jahdan Blackamoore, Homeboy Sandman, and First City's MC Kush. From Jamaica we have Natel, Unslaught, Black Mattic and Natalie Storm. From Chicago we have MC Zulu and last but not least from Puerto Rico; Voltio and Sensato

So, how can i get it? where? well...Its EASY! Its all gonna be for FREE! YES! thats right FREEEEEEE....MADDNESSESS!!!! and available here ONLY! Podcast version coming after xmas... but really, its gonna be the best xmas present from us to u lot... a must for any serious insomnic, music addict, DJ, badman, your mum and your dad too!!!

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