Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back In Business


whats up everybody... its the 1st post of the year for me... things have been a bit full throttle since the end of last year... and believe me, this is year will be no different... if you haven't downloaded the Insomnia Mixtape, be sure you put that at the top of ur list... its 24 unmixed tracks.. all original remixed productions from Mad Scientist, Max Echo, and myself... and best yet, its a free download... see be sure to check that...

And speaking of being Back In Business... look no further than Mr. Slash... a heavyweight Grime producer from South East London, who dropped quite a nice E.P. towards the end of 2010..He's been away from the game a little while but his productions ring as urgently as ever... His style of Grime is one of my favorites.. his tracks pack hard Grime breaks and stabs, with a hip hop head-nod factor that hits home... a track that really does it for me on this EP would have to be "Get Down"... that tracks a monster...def keep an eye out for this one.... you can cop it at Itunes & Amazon... see we try n keep things easy for u!!!

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