Sunday, January 9, 2011

Introducing.... Starz... "King of New Jersey"

Late last year I was put onto a hood video called "Now You Wanna Hate" (BELOW) by New Jersey Rapper "Starz" via his producer on facebook.

If you like Hip Hop or not, you have to respect this guys grind...HE DONT SLEEEP!! Its obvious that Darren Coleman AKA STARZ is going to be an artist to watch in 2011 and beyond. Most people that know me know that I dont listen to much Hiphop these days. With the exception of a few classic back in the day joints, it seems nutin like it once was. This is the main reason I am feeling a lot of Starz's tunes.... Its up to date and fresh but still has the energy and likability (is that a word?!?!) of music from the "golden era".

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Starz is already making boss moves with collaborations with D-Block, mixtapes and high quality music videos....that cater to the streets and mainstream audiences. He has also shown interest in a certain crazy scientist's grimier riddims... so lets keep our fingers crossed on that front for a colab!!! I also have to give him props for the aptly named "Smoke Stack Recordings". Being a big Howling Wolf fan...Im kicking myself I didnt think of it myself. Checkout Starz on this more commercial vibe... "Gettin Twazzled"...

Starz/Sheek Louch Life or Death Trailer....

In the meantime, cop his overly sick latest mixtape "Murder Material Vol. 2" Out NOW!!... BLE$$!
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