Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sum painful realness from Chester P...

Lately ive been on a nostalgic vibe. Maybe its because ive been out of Europe so long that yanky land is starting to f-wit my head a bit. Recently, I been listening to a lot of music from back in the day. The kinda stuff the formed me as a person but at the time I didnt even know it was doing it...I just listened to it cah it just sounded right... you kno dem ones there?!?!? Alot of roots reggae, bashment, early grime, and uk hiphop. Among the many groups that ive forgotten about, but found again is Taskforce from Highbury area in north London. Apart from many jems I came across on youtube was this... Probly the most realest freestlye I have ever herd... I aint gonna lie, it moved me... Chester P (from UK crew TASKFORCE) chats so much sense, it puts the whole game to shame... if you got a spare 3 minz... check it...its worth it. Dont watch his farmer/crackhead appearence... this guy is a legend of UK hiphip.

Lastly, the image above i came across by accident, just type "highbury estate" in google and this is what pops up... just to give u an idea where taskforce are coming from.

Another lost gem from the you tube archives... CLASSICK UK HIP-HOP from back inna day...
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