Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wintry Mix Part I

... and we're back!

First off I want to give a big shout out to all that have linked the Insomnia Mixtape on our blog. We've heard a lot of positive feedback so far from the artists involved and would like to extended a massive thank you to everyone that was a part of this project in any way and otherwise offered their support to push it through to the end. Friends and family you know who you are! Time to catch up on some other music ...

Randomer & Fife first came to my attention by way of their Fat City! releases mid last year. Their collaborations and solo production are some of the most original stuff I have heard to date and do a really good job of sneaking some experimental tendencies into what is otherwise a well orchestrated bit of dancefloor-stomping mayhem. Often, what you'll hear is several instrumental lines careening around your eardrums in tandem and offering a very dense sonic experience without loosing any of dynamics present in the intricate drum programming filled with rattling acoustic accents. Reaching back into October we had this talented duo teaming up on the very tastefully named No Sleep (hint hint) on Soul Jazz Records and Randomer going it alone on Be Electric for Brighton based Tru Thoughts label, which I reviewed here. More recently the two have produced some stunning results for Super Records, which you scan hear below. Purchase this joint, dance and be merry

Next up, we take trip over to Wiltshire (Stonehenge mofos!) to visit a house producer, who, judging by the number of plays he's getting on his tracks, is one to look out for in 2011. Sheer simplicity reigns supreme in Josh H's production - simplicity and soul. Barely a note and snare hit is wasted in these gems and a lot of extra mileage is derived from some well placed chord changes and deftly quoted house idioms. Fans of Sunday Roast will find themselves very much at home with these dark house riddims, while comparisons with James Blake's tendency for chopped up RnB samples and bluesy tonalities are terrifically hard to avoid (riddim prince Doc Daneeka is probably a closer match). Since the slush is running quite thick over here in NYC I've included his recent track Rainbow below. Make sure you take a listen to Larf & Sing and Ten Tigers of Guangdong as well!

Part II to follow ..

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