Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ammunition E.P. 2 - Released!!

Ammnunition E.P. 2
First City Records

Without missing a beat, First City Records drops the second installment of its Ammunition series.
Ammunition 2 is the Instrumental follow-up to the Insomnia Mixtape: No Rest For The Wicked….

No Rest For The Wicked, brought to you by First City Records and DontSleepNYC is a mixtape compilation which features lyrical and vocal talent bridging Dancehall, Grime, Hip-Hop, and Electronic music scenes. Insomnia Mixtape is a response of sorts to the current trends emerging in club/bass music genres and a sign of things to come. The sheer amount of talent and raw production on this compilation is sure to keep you bouncing through the night shift into the next millennia!
(More information on the Insomnia

Ammunition 2 features a choice selection of instrumentals from the Insomnia mixtape compilation .. With Mad Scientist, Max Echo and Bookz on production… Ammunition 2 showcases the diverse talents, and styles of each producer...

From the heavy-weight Bashment production work of Mad Scientist on "Warriors Riddim"; to the rhythmic Funky styling's of Max Echo for the ominous "Stabbie Hoffman" the Grime inducing sounds of "Looters Riddim" from Bookz... Ammunition 2 brings enough sure-fire dancefloor pressure to go around...

Ammunition E.P. 2 is available at Juno-Downloads, Digital -Tunes, and on the First City Bandcamp page.. (with Itunes, Amazon and others coming online shortly).

Be sure to download the accompanying Insomnia Mixtape, which you can do for free... here

Next up... Pure "Madness"!!!
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