Monday, February 7, 2011

HF026 - Sepalcure - Fleur EP

Review up on of Sepalcure's new EP out on Hot Flush last week. Anyone with an ear for production can tell that these guys are extremely talented at what they do and if you have a taste for deep bass heavy vinyl you should seriously consider picking up a copy of this EP at El Shop De Halcyon in Dumbo. Full post after the jump ...
Hotflush starts of it’s New Year with the highly anticipated second EP from Brooklyn’s Sepalcure. As their summer release, the Love Pressure EP showed, Travis Stewart and Praveen Sharma are capable of crafting some tremendously rich layered sonic landscape s throughout the House/Techno/Dubstep archipelago. Sewn up in between the cliffs of white noise, mountainous sub bass and washing reverb are strands of chopped vocals, ambient percussion, and spasmodic hi-hats. The end result is dangerously hypnotic and an immersive listening pleasure.

Immediate comparisons with this release are Falty DL and Mount Kimbie, both for the clipped tenebrous vocals present in every track as well as for the captivating fidelity of the non-digital source material used.

On Fleur, guitar chords meld into the crackling drum beat and twinkling vibes, reminding one of shorter interludes on the Mount Kimbie album if they had been given a longer workout and more varied progression. Your Love builds up a terrific stack of vocals and pads into a tower of pent up desire and then pummels it half-way through with pounding sub-bass pressure. The true gem of the four is No Think, if only because it makes no bones about it’s dancefloor format. With stripped down drums riding over side-chained hiss, airy sub and an early-techno arpeggiated riff running throughout, this track is really built for the summer. Last, we get a celestial psyche-out refrain in the form of Inside, amassed from feedback propelled vocal yelps, church bells and strings. Overall, this EP is far darker than Love Pressure, with a drive towards a climactic cinematic build-up that ultimately delivers at home or on the dancefloor. If the talented maniacs behind this creation are not scoring films already, they should be. Highly recommended!
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