Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where it all Started... BACK TO THE UK.

Next week im flying back to the UK to see some of my family. It will bring a much needed break from NYC, but not the music! NEVER THE MUSIC!! I will be setting up a little studio over there so I can hop back and forth with ease in the future. To celebrate my month back in my country of birth, here is a stunning docu from the BBC on the history of the music and culture I was raised on. Despite my Italian roots, family culture and living in Italy for almost a third of my life too, you cant deny where you were born. This docu brings back a whole bunch of memories triggered by the music my mother playied for me when I was growing up. Before I had even learnt to speak English fully, the music was there first as my mum drove me to school in south west london with the car sound system bumping Aswad, Steel Pulse, Marley, UB40 and countless others....

Living in America can have its good and bad points. An annoying negative aspect is the ignorance towards other cultures, which is bizarre considering NYC has the most diverse mix of people anywhere on this little planet. Most Americans still see England as if it was an episode of "The Tudors"... they think "tea and biscuits with the queen". Yes, there is a flippin queen, but it's more then that. London as been a melting pot of cultures since before Christ. Infact, and almost ironically, it's my ancestors thousands of years ago who first invaded and colonized most of the British Isles during the Roman empire. The idea that there is Italians there confuses them, let alone people from the Islands, or any other part of the world for that matter!?!?! Ok, so im going back a bit too far but you get my point. My connection to this place runs deep obviously. I feel the same way for my beloved Italy. So, anyways thats another story, back to the docu. This documentary really explores and explains the music culture and history of reggae, and reggae inspired music in the last part of the 20th century in the UK and the long and special relationship with music from Jamaica. There's tons I didn't even know about, and lots of sounds that bring back a whole bunch of sweet memories from childhood. But mainly, its a really good insight into the music culture that shaped myself as a person, my parents, and a lot of the artists that inspire me. It's also important as it laid the way for other important music genres and music that a lot of my yankee friends are influenced by today. Anyways, catch it on youtube asap before the suits at the BBC shut it down!!!!

Lastly, Bigup Gabriel for bringing the docu to my attention, I was gonna have to wait till next week to see it in the UK, but at least thanks to the wonders of youtube I can share it with all of you lot!!!

So, back to the UK!!! Don't worry yanks, I will be back to terrorize you in time for summer! My mum has taped all the new "this is England" 2010 sequals for me that im looking forward to and a whole bunch of other good stuff for me to catch up on. It's gonna be nice eating my mum's special pasta, lasagna and other Italian family recipes and watching good old British telly!! Can't wait!!

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