Friday, March 25, 2011

Kasst -You Should Know ???

yes you should

this kid is siiiiiiick flow. I could listen to this funky thing all morning. nyc where the youngers? who is nice like this in their school yard?

more updates to follow after the weekend >8U hang tight are creww
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Uncle Dreama - Bagz On The Pill E.P.


a truly great find on Grime Forum for 2011 to say the least...

I stumbled on this ep on Grime Forum last month and I've been digging trying to find out more information on the producer ever since, which is a shame cause this ep is hard...
some of the tracks from this EP have had vocal treatment from the likes of P Money, and Flirta D...

that being said.... vocals or no vocals this EP really holds its own... the tracks that really do it for me are.. the title track "Bagz On The Pill" and "Emperor"... "1000 Bagz" is tuff as well

the first track "Bagz on the Pill" busts through like a runaway freight train... no holds barred... this is Grime at its finest..

you can get a full listen here...

Don't sleep on Bandcamp either...
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The world doesn't care for your excuses!

"Chi va con lo zoppo impara a zoppicare".
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

R.I.P. Nate Dogg

My mum (also a big fan) and me are really sad today to hear the news of the sad loss to the music world ... RIP Nate Dogg. One of the best Voices ever to bless the mic. I cant even begin to list the amount songs and hooks this guy has dun over the years. At one point in the golden era of Hip-hop, it really counldnt be a hit without him on the hook. Theres so many tunes i really dont know where to start so im just gonna post this massively over looked tune from his amazing album "Music and Me" that is going to be on repeat all day long here.

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Friday, March 4, 2011

P L A N E T . R E G G A E presents...

Two party floors: ..Roots Culture ..Dancehall

Enjoy the best of both worlds on Planet Reggae.

Easy skank on one, whine up on the other.

Warm it up upstairs, break it down downstairs.

Explore different styles back and forth throughout the night.

Free for all who RSVP [name will be added to list @ door]

Featuring sounds...

Soul Selector (Ghana)

DJ Wookee (First Breath-Japan)

DJ Toots & Starcade Sound (Rootscore-Switzerland/Brooklyn)

DJ Charlie Brown (Jamaica/Brooklyn)

Q Mastah (Sound Liberation Front-France/Vietnam)

DJ da Vinci (Don't Sleep NYC-Brooklyn/Italy)


D, F, G, N, R to 4th Ave. & 9th St.


11PM - 4 AM

Bintou: 347-249-6594 for RSVP

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This IS England...

So, i know i posted a docu like a few posts ago...but i cant help it....this is such a wicked look at the UK style thing.... Once again, bigup Dub G. for putting me onto this... where the f#$k u find all these gems i just dont kno!! anyaways....So much good stuff to blog little time... F-it.

British Style Genius: The Street Look from Zalvar on Vimeo.

Another best of british moment is Shane Meadow's (a true british genius) sequel series to the landmark film "This is England". I know for my UK people im a bit late with it but stateside they still aint even herd of for my yanky u go! Also, there seems to be a trend in NYC of yanks breddin the UK style HAAAAARD. Its not just music, its TV shows (im still angry at MTV over Skins) fashion, film etc.... So, lets get it right shall we!

"86" is a follow up series in four parts rather then a completely new film. Its funny, sad, dark, inspiring and best of all so flippin British. If you STILL aint seen the orginal "This is England" then u really are sum kinda cu#t. But make sure you catch it, before you see "This is England 86" "86" is set sutin like 8 years later during the 86 world cup and follows the progression of all the charcters you grow to love in the original...

Nuff talk....I can hear my mum downstairs blasting Linton Kwesi Johnson.... the food must be ready!

here is a lil sneak...

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