Friday, March 4, 2011

P L A N E T . R E G G A E presents...

Two party floors: ..Roots Culture ..Dancehall

Enjoy the best of both worlds on Planet Reggae.

Easy skank on one, whine up on the other.

Warm it up upstairs, break it down downstairs.

Explore different styles back and forth throughout the night.

Free for all who RSVP [name will be added to list @ door]

Featuring sounds...

Soul Selector (Ghana)

DJ Wookee (First Breath-Japan)

DJ Toots & Starcade Sound (Rootscore-Switzerland/Brooklyn)

DJ Charlie Brown (Jamaica/Brooklyn)

Q Mastah (Sound Liberation Front-France/Vietnam)

DJ da Vinci (Don't Sleep NYC-Brooklyn/Italy)


D, F, G, N, R to 4th Ave. & 9th St.


11PM - 4 AM

Bintou: 347-249-6594 for RSVP

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