Friday, March 4, 2011

This IS England...

So, i know i posted a docu like a few posts ago...but i cant help it....this is such a wicked look at the UK style thing.... Once again, bigup Dub G. for putting me onto this... where the f#$k u find all these gems i just dont kno!! anyaways....So much good stuff to blog little time... F-it.

British Style Genius: The Street Look from Zalvar on Vimeo.

Another best of british moment is Shane Meadow's (a true british genius) sequel series to the landmark film "This is England". I know for my UK people im a bit late with it but stateside they still aint even herd of for my yanky u go! Also, there seems to be a trend in NYC of yanks breddin the UK style HAAAAARD. Its not just music, its TV shows (im still angry at MTV over Skins) fashion, film etc.... So, lets get it right shall we!

"86" is a follow up series in four parts rather then a completely new film. Its funny, sad, dark, inspiring and best of all so flippin British. If you STILL aint seen the orginal "This is England" then u really are sum kinda cu#t. But make sure you catch it, before you see "This is England 86" "86" is set sutin like 8 years later during the 86 world cup and follows the progression of all the charcters you grow to love in the original...

Nuff talk....I can hear my mum downstairs blasting Linton Kwesi Johnson.... the food must be ready!

here is a lil sneak...
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