Monday, May 23, 2011

Tunes For You

Ahhhhhh ... it's good to be back. I've been trapped in a transitional genie bottle of sorts and working through some real world ish. Not to insinuate that the blogoschmear aint real but you get my drift. Anyway, this is a quick hello to say that I'm back on the map, having upped my apatite for sounds new and old. While I work on the next post, I thought I would share some tracks that cropped up in the Rinse FM podcast from May 10th. The first is from Debruit, perhaps better known for staggered funk-driven beats, here laying down a kind of Samba-fidget thing called Nigeria What? on Civil Music label. It's nearly a year and a half old but clearly still has much relevance to the branching infestation of house/funky/tropical etc. Grab your freedee speks!

The second is on a proper old school Garage tip and should give you a nostalgic feeling even if you never lived through the heyday of this sort of thing. Logic's Blues For You is a perfect example of the brilliant minimal sequencing common to house producers of the mid 90's and earlier. The focus is the drum work - just enough variation in the snares to keep things interesting and only a handful of other samples to fill out the rest of the track. I could go on and on trying to pinpoint what appeals to me about this era and style but you might as well just put hear it for yourself. Incidentally, I think the track that actually got played on radio might have been 24 Hour Exp's Together which samples/relicks the melody from this tune and is a classic in it's own right. Somehow I can't imagine I haven't put either of these on here before ...

So that's my short update on whats been on repeat in my system these days. Next time I'll give you guys a legit write up on some newer stuff and maybe some OG production for you to download. Peace
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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Youngman + Benga - Tear It Out...

Youngman,Benga,Digital SoundBoy,DontsleepNYC,Dubstep

I was excited to see a release date for this... and on Shy FX's Digital SoundBoy label no less... Shy's label has definitely been on fire lately.. from Breakage to Redlight to Youngman, Drumsound + Bassline Smith remixes etc...
a lot of producers I'm checkin for lately have at some point, dropped a gem on
Digital Soundboy... so props to them..

-At what point Youngman and Benga teamed up together, I'm not exactly sure.... One of the first tracks I heard from the two of em was for "Ho" , which I still have on heavy rotation...(a fav of the ladies every time I drop it- no b.s.)...
"Tear It Out" follows suit nicely... Youngman and Benga's collaborations fuse dubstep with a touch of pop sensibility, and strong vocals...
and sure... you can play 4hrs worth of earsplitting brostep synth tracks, but at some point u gonna need to take a break, and ur gonna wanna dance with a girl... get ur grind on or whatever... thats where tracks like these come in... its like hip hop in a sense..... u gotta play something for the ladies as well... its fun for everyone...!!

and a quick disclaimer.. my fav track on this release is actually "I Warned Ya"... its like a 90's hip-hop + dubstep track smashed together... the head -nod factor is high for this one... not all might agree... but I don't really care lol... it makes sense to me...
peace to Lost and Bannerworks... etc.. some of the 1st DJ's I heard spin it... I'm sure there were others.... intro is sic tho

u can check the video for "Tear It Out" here.....

-there's maddd releases I wanna get to.. so keep it here!!

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Friday, May 20, 2011


"Stand tall even when they're hating and they're scheming,
Then watch your money rise right to the ceiling" -Dizzee

After reading P's previous post, it struck a nerve. I mean, how can a person in NYC not relate?!?!? It's good to have people in my life, in what I can only describe as a world like a sea of c****, that see things the same way. We are all drowning in it, one way or another. Maybe these are the end times? Maybe NYC has really lost its edge? Maybe the world as a whole has? Anyways, before I go off on a long rant or talk too much on these subjects, let me get back to the point of this post....

Today, I am posting this for free download - a mashup of Dizzee Rascal's Pussyole to the Chimney Record's current top dancehall riddim Star Bwoy Riddim. A few of you may remember I have mashed this acapella a few times before, so why again?
Well, for my Yanky friends, take some time to really listen to the lyrics. It's some of Dizzee's realest and most underrated bars. And what better way to exorcise the demons in our lives here then to blast them away with sonic destruction!?!?!

So, to all you Pussyoles that run off when the going gets tuff, the tag-along-people who leach, the fake ones, haterz, envious ones, to all the bad mind people...this one goes out to you...


Dizzee Rascal Vs StarBwoy Riddim Mash Up by Mad Scientist ( by madscientistnyc
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Plea

I don't understand why things have degenerated to this point.

I never foresaw this in my younger years--me looking into such a hopeless abyss.

I am praying within myself to find the strength and hope to persevere, yet, sometimes I wonder what the merit in that is?

Yes I am lazy, half-assed and completely disorganized. Yes, I have never truly let go of my own fears enough to really love anyone else unconditionally, without question.

Again I am searching for answers. Because of guilt I stay, and because of resentment my bitterness turns into something akin to hate.

I wish it weren't so, but the truth hurts at times, actually most of the time.

I am hypocritical, to an extent: I can't stand people who are completely contrived and yet in this world we all are contrived, to an extent.

I don't like how people fall for the simple shit, yet try to make everything complex, and forget other simple pleasures that make life magnificent.

It's this complex simple pleasure I yearn, yet at this point no one has any energy left to even care.

It's hard to find hope in a land of superficial zombies, people are so immersed in themselves that they would put Narcissus to shame, and what have I become but a superficial zombie immersed in myself?

I can't really laugh or cry anymore, there is no real emotion left, I cant think or care, there is nothing real enough yet.

Over pride, embarrassment and probably a fair amount of brain plasticity and acclimation I imagine jooking throats with sharp blades and if I could figure out how to get away with it, I probably would of shot someone, at least in the foot.

I sleep with women I don't care about. Faster the nut quicker the fuck, quicker they get lost in the past, you served your duty, so goodbye, anyway you wanted it too, right?

My city is a ghost of it's past, now run by hipsters, police/government, and let us not forget the wall street pricks, the suits-n-ties.

I am sick. Sick of this, in pain physically, emotionally, mentally and can I even say spiritually?...when I feel spiritually so dead.

Point is that I still haven't abandoned hope for tomorrow and I still live for the day, but I need a change. I welcome it. I will embrace and make it work for me.

Let's bring it back.I will work on me, but I need my friends, family and people on the same plane as me to link up and help get this realized...without faith and true devotion to our beliefs we will become just that...nothing.

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Monday, May 16, 2011


Ok, late with this but fuckit....still worth mentioning cah its hot... and u (my lil non-sleeperz) need to have it!!...So many good free mixtapes to download right now.... apart from Skepta's wicked wicked "community payback"...which in my view is better then his actual album...(google it if u still dont have it), theres also a sick free mixtape from slew dem crew's Chronik....

Chronik embodies the pefect example of yard influenced tuggy grime... the mixtape is a perfect blend of rap, dubstep and badman bars...not to mention producky from the likes of Rude Kid and JME.... check the overly sick "ring" here to get a taste...

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

All over the house... X-rated Skepta Video

If half of First City weren't locked up i think the video to "Koniesha" would a gone sutin like this....Bigup Skeppy for putting that music money to good use!! lolol WICKED. I think "Porno grime" is def. the way to go!!! Shame we cant "embed" the link but click the link.... ;-)
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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Our Place by Matic and Mad Scientist Preview

What happens when one of NJ's top up-and-coming dancehall artists and one of Queen's best dancehall producers (forget modesty for the moment, lets be honest!!) make a track together? Well here is a sneak peak at the result and the shape of things to come. If you are a regular to our blog then you will have seen and heard about Matic a few times before, but if you're new to it....time to get to know. Def. not sutin u should sleep on! Lastly Bigup LMR for mixing, Da Vinci Engineering, and PDubz Management.
Our Place by Matic (Night Creepa Riddim by Mad Scientist) by madscientistnyc
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Monday, May 2, 2011

Star Bwoy Premier

This tune has been a favourite since its dropped last xmas....massive riddim from the Chimey fellas... anyways... now in Spring 2011...Mavado kills it with a new Video....

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