Friday, May 20, 2011


"Stand tall even when they're hating and they're scheming,
Then watch your money rise right to the ceiling" -Dizzee

After reading P's previous post, it struck a nerve. I mean, how can a person in NYC not relate?!?!? It's good to have people in my life, in what I can only describe as a world like a sea of c****, that see things the same way. We are all drowning in it, one way or another. Maybe these are the end times? Maybe NYC has really lost its edge? Maybe the world as a whole has? Anyways, before I go off on a long rant or talk too much on these subjects, let me get back to the point of this post....

Today, I am posting this for free download - a mashup of Dizzee Rascal's Pussyole to the Chimney Record's current top dancehall riddim Star Bwoy Riddim. A few of you may remember I have mashed this acapella a few times before, so why again?
Well, for my Yanky friends, take some time to really listen to the lyrics. It's some of Dizzee's realest and most underrated bars. And what better way to exorcise the demons in our lives here then to blast them away with sonic destruction!?!?!

So, to all you Pussyoles that run off when the going gets tuff, the tag-along-people who leach, the fake ones, haterz, envious ones, to all the bad mind people...this one goes out to you...


Dizzee Rascal Vs StarBwoy Riddim Mash Up by Mad Scientist ( by madscientistnyc
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