Monday, May 23, 2011

Tunes For You

Ahhhhhh ... it's good to be back. I've been trapped in a transitional genie bottle of sorts and working through some real world ish. Not to insinuate that the blogoschmear aint real but you get my drift. Anyway, this is a quick hello to say that I'm back on the map, having upped my apatite for sounds new and old. While I work on the next post, I thought I would share some tracks that cropped up in the Rinse FM podcast from May 10th. The first is from Debruit, perhaps better known for staggered funk-driven beats, here laying down a kind of Samba-fidget thing called Nigeria What? on Civil Music label. It's nearly a year and a half old but clearly still has much relevance to the branching infestation of house/funky/tropical etc. Grab your freedee speks!

The second is on a proper old school Garage tip and should give you a nostalgic feeling even if you never lived through the heyday of this sort of thing. Logic's Blues For You is a perfect example of the brilliant minimal sequencing common to house producers of the mid 90's and earlier. The focus is the drum work - just enough variation in the snares to keep things interesting and only a handful of other samples to fill out the rest of the track. I could go on and on trying to pinpoint what appeals to me about this era and style but you might as well just put hear it for yourself. Incidentally, I think the track that actually got played on radio might have been 24 Hour Exp's Together which samples/relicks the melody from this tune and is a classic in it's own right. Somehow I can't imagine I haven't put either of these on here before ...

So that's my short update on whats been on repeat in my system these days. Next time I'll give you guys a legit write up on some newer stuff and maybe some OG production for you to download. Peace
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