Thursday, June 30, 2011

Max Echo & Bookz - First City Records - Episode 14

First City Records
Max Echo & Bookz on the Deckz
Episode 14

Episode 14 features tracks from Swindle,Von D, Skream, Z Dot, Goth Trad, Baobinga, P Money, Teddy Music, Mad Scientist, Spyro, Newham Generals plus exclusives from First City fam and many more.... Special shouts to the Seclusiasis and ManVSMachine famo...

First City Mob

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


This is unnacceptable NYC Officials!!!

Peace to everyone who kept the film rolling...
Its sad cause they were pushing positivity inside... and this is how they were treated by their city... Horrible...

and I love Pete Rock too... God Damn them if they hurt Pete Rock or his family... I'm Serious.. he's one of my fav producers... everyone there should get their lawyers ready.. and no I don't think all cops are bad... but this is absolute bullshit and unacceptable...

"In the statement, Montgomery (Pete Rocks Lawyer) claims that NYPD arrived on the scene after a minor disparity that had been reconciled. Despite the peaceful environment, he asserts that policemen committed "unjustified, unprovoked, and simply barbaric" acts.."

you can read the full statement here
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Midnight At The Angelika

So here I am on vacation, and unlike sum other lazy Stronzi I know, I however decided to write a blog from the other side of the world. Hows that for dedication eh?!?!?!? lol. Yeah, so totally unrelated to music but still worth putting up on here as its so New York, here we go....

Last month me and my wifey, on one of our monthly dates (a big help to a long marriage, trussst me) went to NYC's historic (well, in yanky terms, not european of course) the Angelika Film Center to see Woody Allen's new film "Midnight in Paris".

I had never been there before but I was pleasantly surprised. Like Katz's Deli or the MoMa, its something not to be missed when you come to NYC. Despite its regular punters being mostly pseudo intellectuals, tight-jeaned hipsters you want to stomp to death or the odd movie star trying to "blend in" under a disguise of big shades and a cap, I was able to put up with it. This is mainly because the choice for watching a film in NYC is either the Angelika, or one of those big mall style places like at Time Square.

A few summers ago, I was forced to endure one of those "summer block buster" pirates of the Caribbean part 5 million. A few hours into the film, I had developed a migraine so bad, i felt like i had been fucked in the head with a power drill, an erection of boredom in my pants, and a belly ache sutin like a gunshot wound of pain from the stress of it all. I left the theater in a violent semi depressed mood only to be made worse by the bright lights of times square. With my wallet slightly lighter and my soul feeling a little raped, the combination of the film and this center of shallow disgusting capitalist depravity i was in, was just too much. After persuading myself that robbing a tourist would NOT make me feel better and would only be a pointless misdirected act of rebellion, I vowed to myself, NEVER AGAIN!!! So, this summer, my wise real new yorker wifey put me onto the Angelika.

Today, through Facebook no less, The Angelika Film Center announced that "Midnight in Paris" was the top grossing film they had shown since 1999. Quite an achievement considering the recent rumors of the center closing down. The film itself was a cute, funny and insightful little film that reminded me how good Woody Allen really is. The press kept saying it was "one of his best for a very long time" and considering all his last flicks, I tend to agree. So, this brings me to the point of this post. If, like me, you enjoy to watch films that are actually about something, that make you think (i know its a crazzzy idea right?!?!?) Well, dont spend your hard earned bucks on those demonic mega corporate "entertainment" parasites, Go check out a real New York institution for the same price and help keep NYC from turning into the Disney land it is becoming.

To celebrate the success of Midnight in Paris, the Angelika will be showing it on all 4 screens this weekend!! enjoy, BLE$$!

P.s. Marion Cotillard is PROPAH fit, who doesn't want to spend an hour looking at her but transformers hitting each other is A MUG!!!
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Flying Lotus - Brooklyn - 6/22 : ( SOLD OUT

flying lotus,hip hop,glitch hop,dustep,dontsleepnyc

so I started this post in a bit of a last minute blast to let people know Flying Lotus is playing in Brooklyn tonight... but I've just realized its Sold Out.. and that just confirms the reason for this post...

I had the insane good fortune of finding out about a - sorta last minute free show from Flying Lotus last night... was on a definite late night thing... doors didn't open until midnight.. I've been trying to catch him for a minute... and for one reason or another I would always miss the show.. not this case!!! it was definitely one of the best shows I've seen in a while... the line was wrapped around the corner to get in... my only beef is that the club shoulda had more bartenders working... they were gettin killed... i ordered double so I didn't hav to wait again ; )

as soon as Flylo hit the stage... entering during the last few songs by a live jazz crew, headed by bassist Thundercat I knew for sure it was gonna be something special.. his vibe was very welcoming on-stage, and you could tell without a doubt he's good people... everyone was just vibing.... from the first track he dropped the crowd went nuts... was a definite dance party... a smokers paradise.... So if Flying Lotus comes to ur town... i highly recommend it... pun intended.... anyway u wanna flip it... im def tryin to catch him when he comes thru next time

keep an eye out for this dude Teebs he's nice with it...check the link..

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

BUILD006 - Guido & Baobinga - Ballin' / Bumba

Over a year ago, when I started looking up UK Funky and back-to-the-future Garage sounds coming from the UK and elsewhere, certain names began cropping up everywhere. One such producer whose releases and collaborations have shaped the emerging landscape of Funky x Grime x Dubstep is Baobinga. The past 2 years have seen Mr. Simpson well ahead of the curve with a slew of diverse collaborations on the Build label - fathered by fellow Bristolian publishing ninjas, Multiverse - and heavily supported by the UK's current stock of rising DJ talent. The latest of these pairs our hero with fellow Bristolian Guido on two stripped down, yet melodic, grimey anthems (out in digital shops on the 4th of July). Kicking of the rest of this year, we'll see the motherload of Baobinga collabs drop as the digital exclusive "Joint Venture" CD. The album is a cross-section of Bristol's cultural nexus featuring an overly talented selection of co-conspirators! An earlier prototype for this sort of thing turned up on in a recent search and it has some gems on it as well. I'll go more in depth on the album after it drops. Till then ...

BUILD006 - Guido & Baobinga - Ballin' / Bumba by Build Recordings
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Upsetting circa 2008

hello people out there ... just found the trailer for this Lee "Scratch" doc from 2008, which only just recently show'd in NYC at BAM cinematek. really had to put it up here since the way they cut the clips just lines up with the words realy well. the film itself is a must see if slightly limited in it's scope (5+ years career and you want it in 90 mins? come on people ...) what it does include however is some of the best interview and archival footage of Lee Perry that I've ever seen. This article mentions another film by John Corbett from 2005 and gives a great big discography to boot! It does however restate the idea that all electronic (dance) music in some way owes a debt to dub. meanwhile, it really doesn't explore the dub side of things well as far as other dub-organizers Osbourne Rudock Tubby, Mad Perfesser, and On-U Sherwood, Scientist etc which is bound to irk some ... if you really want the full history get a book.
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Who Run It - Public Assembly- June 8th...

Who Run It,Kastle,Dev79,Todd Edwards,Sonkin,dontsleepnyc,nyc

for all the last minute heads.. this is going down in Brooklyn tonight.... big up the Seclusiasis famo

Seclusiasis presents WHO RUN IT?! A release party for Time Traveler, the new EP by Kastle.
Todd Edwards

+ late nite RnB set from mystery Trouble & Bass member

Expect a healthy dose of future garage, street bass, grime, tropical, and more.

$8 w/ RSVP to
$10 all night
10pm, 21+.
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fuck a snapshot, I want the film.

Fuck a text, I want a phone call, matter fact fuck a call I want live, face to face human interaction.

Fuck a reaction, I want contemplation, thought-provoking creation.

I don’t want a guess, I want calculated reasoning, I don’t want mickey d’s I want home-cooked food with natural seasoning.

I want the truth. I cant have it any other way but straight.

Stop trying to be so cool man, your only making my head hot,
plus you know damn well your not, so even to yourself your a fake.

Can I blame you for being such a cowardly snake? Well, yes.

Not that I don't understand the stress:
Most people's attention spans last no longer than the height of midgets, city lights and honking horns can’t ever hear the crickets.

I never even hear myself think, to be realistic.

Fuck TV, fuck the web, fuck cyborgs who hardly use their head.

I don't play video games, usually, cause it will drain you quicker. Certain zombies have me on their level, no doubt, when I drain bottles of liquor.

Rushing to and fro, like a bunch of roaches when lights turn on:

Modern city living, Gomorrah and Sodom.

Camorra mentality has us on a sure path to destruction, soldiers on the front line,
pawns in this game of corruption.
But as long as the sun rises and there’s still dawn, we will hold firm and set the order like dusk.
Value of me as a friend? I'd say loyalty, honor and trust.

Value of most people these days? Mainly, females is smuts and majority of dudes are jealous as fuck.
But Imma hold a steady medi, as my spliff gets a bit smaller, my spirit grows stronger and imma be there as a man first AKA brother, son, father,
soldier, leader, teacher who loves to be taught
climbing up the ladder and pulling my peoples up taller until my heart collapses and stops.
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer Anthems - "Wine your Body" with Beenie Man and Lolita

This masssssssive "Party Bottle" riddim by Dancehall top producer TJ is sure to still be hitting hard this summer. As well as versions from Vybz, Popcaan, Ele-Man among many others, the one that really stands out is this Version... "Wine your Body" with Beenie Man featuring Lolita.

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Lolita in a studio in Hempsted, Long Island and with a golden voice like hers and tunes like this under her belt, she is definitely a talent to watch in the future. Expect this riddim to be waking up all my neighbors, all summer!!! BLE$$!

Also check the full mix for all the other versions...

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Gemmy .....W.o.W. BASS


I've come to a decision... I like more funk in my dubstep... its official... probably always have, but I actually just connected the dots... there's certain types of Dubstep, and Grime producers I like and tend to gravitate towards... and it mainly comes down to the fact that they put a bit more swing, and groove into their beats... now that doesn't mean I don't like the strict, more rigid... uptempo tracks... but i have a strong tendency to prefer the ones with more room to slide around in... Hard + Heavy .. but with a groove...

might be cause I come from being a bass player... probably!!! but either way... it is what it is... so I'll just embrace it... Gemmy's music definitely falls within that realm... personally "Bk 2 the Future" on Punch Drunk was a track of choice for me... and I think its in one of our early First City Mob podcast shows... Gemmy has also started a new label .... W.o.W. (World Of Wonders), and this is his first release... if you made me choose between the two... I think I would probably pull for "They Live Under The Stairs"... I like "Jah Know" as well, but I think its the vocal bits in the 2nd one that really get me... Im a sucker for a nice vocal lick... and if you didn't quite catch what I did with the title there... u should google... Teddy Music / Silencer... lol

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Must Have Bass

Couple of customary bagging recommendations for the month of May. First off Champions Motherboard EP on Harddrive. The motherboard has landed bringing the trimmed up sounds of UK funky to Terror Danjah's mostly grime/purple label. Overall a very solid production with dense tribal rhythms. The title track is a long time favorite definitely bending the sounds of grime and funky like a champ. Next big release of the year is Lil Silva's Patience EP on Good Years. Long awaited follow up to Night Skanker on Night Slugs last year. Has it been a year? christ. Patience, and Cheese and Bun are tuff jams built to smash the dance stripping the formula down to its most essential strokes. Sampha puts a pop twist to On Your Own which is well worth the wait. Finally, in nearly perfect harmony with these two is Bok Bok's Southside EP which has the Night Slugs label co-founder/designer in chief grafting classic acid vibes and high-energy grime patterns amidst periodic bursts of ambient chatter and shiny pads. Three essential must haves for your early summer bump 'n' grind. Enjoy!

oh yeh, and this ...

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

40 Min. in der Himmel

Another beautiful Thursday which is really my Sunday since my schedule is bananas. First off, me and First City ambassador Bookz just wrapped up another podcast last night which should be up on iTunes shortly so go download that for a taste of 90's garage throwback, UK funky and Grimey delights right herr.

Now for the segue. In the first half of that mix I dropped a B More rmx of Camp Lo - Luchini by DJ MTM who is either from Chicago or Germany or both. Either way it's a mad track that's been wrecking dancefloors for the past year or so. Instead of re-posting that jam on here I thought I'd dig up some more info on this talented bootleger/dj. If you read German you may also want to check out the blog of his affiliated crew Topdawgz where you can also grab some tasty Biggie mashups. Lastly, make sure you listen to MTM's 40 Minutes of Sunshine Vol. 2 mix, from which I've posted some snippets on here. I usually don't post on hip-hop but this thing had me from The Wackness samples in the intro. Don't trust anyone that doesn't like dogs! Alert the authorities!

DJ MTM - 40 Minutes Of Sunshine (Mixtape Snippets + DL Links) by topdawgz

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