Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fuck a snapshot, I want the film.

Fuck a text, I want a phone call, matter fact fuck a call I want live, face to face human interaction.

Fuck a reaction, I want contemplation, thought-provoking creation.

I don’t want a guess, I want calculated reasoning, I don’t want mickey d’s I want home-cooked food with natural seasoning.

I want the truth. I cant have it any other way but straight.

Stop trying to be so cool man, your only making my head hot,
plus you know damn well your not, so even to yourself your a fake.

Can I blame you for being such a cowardly snake? Well, yes.

Not that I don't understand the stress:
Most people's attention spans last no longer than the height of midgets, city lights and honking horns can’t ever hear the crickets.

I never even hear myself think, to be realistic.

Fuck TV, fuck the web, fuck cyborgs who hardly use their head.

I don't play video games, usually, cause it will drain you quicker. Certain zombies have me on their level, no doubt, when I drain bottles of liquor.

Rushing to and fro, like a bunch of roaches when lights turn on:

Modern city living, Gomorrah and Sodom.

Camorra mentality has us on a sure path to destruction, soldiers on the front line,
pawns in this game of corruption.
But as long as the sun rises and there’s still dawn, we will hold firm and set the order like dusk.
Value of me as a friend? I'd say loyalty, honor and trust.

Value of most people these days? Mainly, females is smuts and majority of dudes are jealous as fuck.
But Imma hold a steady medi, as my spliff gets a bit smaller, my spirit grows stronger and imma be there as a man first AKA brother, son, father,
soldier, leader, teacher who loves to be taught
climbing up the ladder and pulling my peoples up taller until my heart collapses and stops.
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