Thursday, June 23, 2011

Midnight At The Angelika

So here I am on vacation, and unlike sum other lazy Stronzi I know, I however decided to write a blog from the other side of the world. Hows that for dedication eh?!?!?!? lol. Yeah, so totally unrelated to music but still worth putting up on here as its so New York, here we go....

Last month me and my wifey, on one of our monthly dates (a big help to a long marriage, trussst me) went to NYC's historic (well, in yanky terms, not european of course) the Angelika Film Center to see Woody Allen's new film "Midnight in Paris".

I had never been there before but I was pleasantly surprised. Like Katz's Deli or the MoMa, its something not to be missed when you come to NYC. Despite its regular punters being mostly pseudo intellectuals, tight-jeaned hipsters you want to stomp to death or the odd movie star trying to "blend in" under a disguise of big shades and a cap, I was able to put up with it. This is mainly because the choice for watching a film in NYC is either the Angelika, or one of those big mall style places like at Time Square.

A few summers ago, I was forced to endure one of those "summer block buster" pirates of the Caribbean part 5 million. A few hours into the film, I had developed a migraine so bad, i felt like i had been fucked in the head with a power drill, an erection of boredom in my pants, and a belly ache sutin like a gunshot wound of pain from the stress of it all. I left the theater in a violent semi depressed mood only to be made worse by the bright lights of times square. With my wallet slightly lighter and my soul feeling a little raped, the combination of the film and this center of shallow disgusting capitalist depravity i was in, was just too much. After persuading myself that robbing a tourist would NOT make me feel better and would only be a pointless misdirected act of rebellion, I vowed to myself, NEVER AGAIN!!! So, this summer, my wise real new yorker wifey put me onto the Angelika.

Today, through Facebook no less, The Angelika Film Center announced that "Midnight in Paris" was the top grossing film they had shown since 1999. Quite an achievement considering the recent rumors of the center closing down. The film itself was a cute, funny and insightful little film that reminded me how good Woody Allen really is. The press kept saying it was "one of his best for a very long time" and considering all his last flicks, I tend to agree. So, this brings me to the point of this post. If, like me, you enjoy to watch films that are actually about something, that make you think (i know its a crazzzy idea right?!?!?) Well, dont spend your hard earned bucks on those demonic mega corporate "entertainment" parasites, Go check out a real New York institution for the same price and help keep NYC from turning into the Disney land it is becoming.

To celebrate the success of Midnight in Paris, the Angelika will be showing it on all 4 screens this weekend!! enjoy, BLE$$!

P.s. Marion Cotillard is PROPAH fit, who doesn't want to spend an hour looking at her but transformers hitting each other is A MUG!!!
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