Friday, June 3, 2011

Must Have Bass

Couple of customary bagging recommendations for the month of May. First off Champions Motherboard EP on Harddrive. The motherboard has landed bringing the trimmed up sounds of UK funky to Terror Danjah's mostly grime/purple label. Overall a very solid production with dense tribal rhythms. The title track is a long time favorite definitely bending the sounds of grime and funky like a champ. Next big release of the year is Lil Silva's Patience EP on Good Years. Long awaited follow up to Night Skanker on Night Slugs last year. Has it been a year? christ. Patience, and Cheese and Bun are tuff jams built to smash the dance stripping the formula down to its most essential strokes. Sampha puts a pop twist to On Your Own which is well worth the wait. Finally, in nearly perfect harmony with these two is Bok Bok's Southside EP which has the Night Slugs label co-founder/designer in chief grafting classic acid vibes and high-energy grime patterns amidst periodic bursts of ambient chatter and shiny pads. Three essential must haves for your early summer bump 'n' grind. Enjoy!

oh yeh, and this ...

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