Thursday, June 16, 2011

Upsetting circa 2008

hello people out there ... just found the trailer for this Lee "Scratch" doc from 2008, which only just recently show'd in NYC at BAM cinematek. really had to put it up here since the way they cut the clips just lines up with the words realy well. the film itself is a must see if slightly limited in it's scope (5+ years career and you want it in 90 mins? come on people ...) what it does include however is some of the best interview and archival footage of Lee Perry that I've ever seen. This article mentions another film by John Corbett from 2005 and gives a great big discography to boot! It does however restate the idea that all electronic (dance) music in some way owes a debt to dub. meanwhile, it really doesn't explore the dub side of things well as far as other dub-organizers Osbourne Rudock Tubby, Mad Perfesser, and On-U Sherwood, Scientist etc which is bound to irk some ... if you really want the full history get a book.
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