Monday, July 11, 2011

CTF 114 - Foamo - Vibrations

Things are heating up in NY and seemingly in concert with the sweltering degrees is Foamo's most recent single out on South-London's Fat! label. A follow up to his earlier "Celestial" release, this track adds some serious firepower to Foamo's Space Summer Series. Nothing we've heard from this talented producer has fit easily into one genre or another so it seems appropriate to say that his style is leading the way amongst the tricky overlap of Grime, House and so-called Tropical sounds. What stands out, apart from the delightful house chords, the chopped R&B vocal and well-balanced transitional FX, are the B-more drum samples which lend a distinctly American flavor to overall composition. However, this re-quoting of a time-honored house sound seems to be almost a lark given the grimey bass line and throttling mid-range synth. This attribute alone should be enough to destroy any dancefloor while simultaneously pleasing fans of dark House, DnB and their twisted offspring. It's great to see Foamo is upping the ante this sticky summer and showing the true breadth of his musical strengths. We can't wait to hear more!

Grab yourself a copy here.

Foamo - Vibrations [clip] by Foamo
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