Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rude Kid - Always Ready EP


Rude Kid - a producer whose name has been brought up here on DontSleep many times, has dropped his latest ep entitled Always Ready.. Widely known and highly respected, I'd rate him as being one of the top Grime producers in the scene... and this EP doesn't disappoint.."Cotton Buds" starts things off with a heavy bouncing break and rolling synth line, and a vocal stab which reminds me of a certain rnb song ?? hm... a couple come to mind actually..."Spring" which might easily be my fav track, drops in with an almost b-more styled break, before switching into a halftime dancefloor smash up... love the vibes on this one - heavy. "Sleeping Pills" is as close to Dubstep as I've seen him go to date.. and this one is a tie or close second for me... the synthline on this beat is wicked, its one of those tracks that make you pause and wanna ask who it is lol.. "Jack Daniels & Coke" (my fav drink) is a nice hype uptempo number... the vocal stabs are the icing on the cake for me.. "Trick or Treat and "Old Skool Vibes" close things out, with the latter bringing things on a house flavour...nice one..
Yes this EP is a definite grab for ur dj box, ipad,ipod, phone etc.. u get the picture im sure... Available on Itunes & Amazon!! im co-signin

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