Sunday, July 17, 2011

Teddy Music on SB.TV

yo whats goin on everybody... jus a quick one from me today....
I drop a lotta names of producers while doing podcast mixes and on the blog etc.. and you might be like.... "I don know who this is?" or you may know the name but wouldn't know what they looked like or what they sound like... so I thought I'd repost this producer segment about "Teddyyyyy!!!!!" aka Silencer.. -although I don't think he's going by "Silencer" anymore....

along with Rude Kid he's def one of my top fav producers in the Grime scene... and he repps it hard. if you've downloaded any of our First City Mob podcasts you've definitely heard me drop quite a few of his tracks... - cause they're just... haaard !!!

in this producer vid "Courtesy of SBTV"... he goes into how he approaches a track and the production work behind it.... as well as his feelings on the future of the Grime scene and so on... def worth watching.. its nice to watch producers and see the quality and care they put into their work... till next time....

much respect to SBTV
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