Friday, August 19, 2011


Wicked new Serocee summer anthem! Luving the vibes on this one... make sure you support this tune! Its a definite NON-SLEEEPAH! Its a perfect tune thats radio friendly but without being cheesy, which, trusssssss me, is a hard one to pull off. Big-up Serocee everytime! Oh yeh, and lads, if you watching the vid, u may wanna pull it up a few times... I know its hard not to get distracted by the girl (Daaaaaaaaanm!!!!) in the video, but really listen to the tune....its a scorcher!

Produced by 4 time Grammy award winning producer Tony CD Kelly, Additional Vocals by Mr Bailey - Remix Package includes mixes by Zed Bias, Famous Eno, Wittyboy, Jus now (Sam Interface & Laza Beam), Joe Grime, and Dubchild.... OUT NOW ON ITUNES!
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