Friday, September 30, 2011

Flashback Friday: No Bother Dis Riddim

So in the process of looking for a throwback jam to post up I stumbled on this classic dancehall era riddim inna '89 style. I wont add much about the other versions of "No Bother Dis Riddim" as you wont have to look to far to find a decent recording online. "Pick Of The Past" (indeed) from Admiral Tibett probably sounds the most like 1989 with its sultry saxophone filling in for the vocal part. The version that really brings out the futuristic elements on this digital scorcher is Shaka Shamba's "Space Flight". Synthesizers were worming their way into reggae fairly early on to be sure, but the advent of affordable, programmable drum machines and samplers in the 1980's really changed the shape of Jamaican music in a dramatic way. It's the use of these elements in addition to the psychedelic Juno atmospherics on "Space Flight" that give it a sound much closer to early Jungle. It might be worth some hours of crate digging in ye old den of Deadly Dragon to find either of these prized gems. Dig back, dig well.

Big shouts to stormysky30 for the vids!
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

SOUND Boys R FalliN'

A reggae mini mix brought to you by DJ DA VINCI and the sounds of the Renaissance noiZ!

In order for something to grow, it needs special attention, care, and time spent nurturing its growth process. Renaissance noiZ’s style is ever growing and developing, but remains grounded upon the foundation of roots reggae.

Renaissance noiZ on Soundcould

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011



Second installment from Gemmy's World Of Wonders (W.O.W.) imprint.
This two track ep begins with a definite smasher of a beat... "Too Far"... comprised of a pitched down vocal, riding atop a pulsating bass and synth stab groove... For those of you familiar with Drum and Bass.... I'd dare say I think I hear a little Dillinja in this beat... if for nothing else, its flow... this ones definitely goin into the arsenal - heavy

"Da Dodgems" on the flipside is more of a Grime inspired number... the string and synth progressions actually remind me a bit of a Timbaland beat from back in the day... if you know which one I'm talking about, you'll know what I mean....
-where's my Missy Elliot a cappella's, I'm doin a mash-up... - nod to Mad Scientist... (see last post). Another gem for all the Purple lovers out there.. this ones out on vinyl as well, with a digital release forthcoming... shouts to Multiverse

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Bashment : EXTRA SPICY!!!

Unlike previous weeks, this week's bashment report will focus on just one artist. Unless you've been living under a rock for the last 5 years, you can not have missed this artist's rise to the top of the female dancehall MC ranks. I've been clockin Spice's progress even since I saw her in one of her first video/singles for the Eighty Five Riddim, made famous mainly by Baby Cham and Alicia Keys "Ghetto Story" version.

Spice exploded onto the scene with her raunchy lyrics and provocative style and she's never stopped grinding with constant high level of productivity and quality BIG TUNES!! while almost always yelling out her trademark catch phrase "Scorn Dem!!!!". This has put her at the top of the dancehall charts and scene, and ahead of all her female rivals but what most people probably know her from, is her duet/feature on Kartel's pop hit "Romping Shop", but one only has to look beyond that to see her own extensive list of hits. Just in case you have missed out I recommend you check out 2008's "A NUH ME" and "NOT MY FAULT", 2009's "Slim vs. Fluffy", and last year's "Jim Screechie".

Anyways, back to 2011.... and yes, shes back and back in a big big way. To maintain her seat at the throne of dancehall, the queen of ragga has come not with one, but two big tunes for this year. The first is some classic bashment to get you daggering again, with a wicked Africa themed video.... check out "Hot Patty Wine"....

The second is probably her most adventurous (in terms of mainstream appeal) song featuring none other then the once queen of the pop/hip-hop world Missy Elliot. It's good to see Missy back in action, and where better then in a bashment party anthem. What makes it work so well, is that both artists bring energy and well, "fun", back into the game....

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Monday, September 26, 2011

New Release Top Picks 9-26-11

Dizz1's "Decay/Gone Soon" single out on Blackacre today. It's a seamless fit for the Bristol label and David Norris puts his experimental, beats skills to work on deeper UKG styles. The A-side, featuring fellow Ausie(s) Royalston, is a funky , kick-driven riddim. Ample percussion and haunting, cinematic pads build up throughout the track and the over all result is a hypnotizing club-mover. The second track goes much deeper still with an almost aquatic feel to it. It's hard to pick a single favorite, but I'd have to go with the B-Side just for the amazing sample!?

Sheffield bassline producer Checan has been steadily building his career over the past couple of years with a very consistent output of quality tracks. His new release pairs him up with Ross Orton of Arular fame. The digital EP features remixes from Mista Men, Mr. Dubz, Des Demure and Moony, all of which give the track a truly different (heh ..) appeal. The original has a bruising acid bass and gives the vocal snipet of the track's name a proper work-out. Here's a quick mix of all the tracks included on the release which is out now on Project Allout.

Finally, J-Sweet's Streethawk is out today on Seclusiasis. We perviously rated it here.Absolutely love this track. If you play it in the club I might have to attack somebody. Immense Firepower!
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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bookz - Konkrete Jungle Mix September 2011

For your Saturday night's enjoyment DontSleepNYC presents the latest in an ongoing mix series. This features a special selection from First City Records' co-founder/producer Bookz hand-crafted for New York City's longest running weekly, Konkrete Jungle. Make sure you check out their new digs at One & One on Monday. Special shouts to Mac and the whole Konkrete Jungle Family... Big Up!!!
Full track list after the jump ...

Bookz - Konkrete Jungle Mix Semtember 2011

  1. Prototype - I Believe
  2. Skream - Hats Off
  3. Footsie - DYGMB
  4. Redlight - Feel So Good
  5. Everyman - Redneck
  6. Plastician - Retro
  7. Mz Bratt - Selecta (Redlight RMX)
  8. Kromestar & Lost - Tipsy
  9. Stinkahbell - Stalker VIP
  10. Silencer - Hot Headz
  11. DS1- Stuck In The Machine (Instrumental)
  12. Hizzle Guy - Murda Dem
  13. Blakey GFX - Freq-Skank
  14. Dash EXP - Street Fight
  15. Enme - Cardiac Arrest
  16. Bookz - Get Em
  17. Hizzle Guy - Sidestep
  18. Stinkahbell - GTS
  19. 12th Planet & Plastician - Westside Dub
  20. DJG - NYC

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Hugh Mundell

In 1983, the reggae community lost one of its most promising young artists. Mundell was shot and killed at the age of 21 while sitting in a car with known artist Junior Reid. Mundell's 1975 debut album, Africa Must Be Free By 1983, produced by Augustus Pablo, still remains a classic roots reggae album.

If Hugh Mundell had lived past 1983, there is no telling what his legacy would be today. Africa Must Be Free By 1983 is simply one of the most remarkable debuts in reggae history, considering Mundell was only 16 when it was released.

...Rest easy brother

Also check out this tune here --> One Jah, One Aim, One Destiny <--
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Footsie - "DYGMB" Braindead Entertainment

footsie,dj tubby,newham generals,dontsleepnyc,grime,bassline

its no secret that DontSleep reps the Newham Generals crew... you don't have to go back too far to find a post about Footsie or D Double E... but there's one person that deserves some serious credit as well, and thats DJ Tubby... In addition to holding down a weekly radio show on Rinse FM, Tubby is also an invaluable part of the Newham Genz family, and the official DJ for the crew. I for one have been downloading sets from him for some time now... a lot of them still on heavy rotation... He's one of the first people I ever heard play Kromestar and Lost's "Tipsy"... a track I still love to this day...

but what some people may not know is, that both Footsie and Tubby are ill producers in their own right. in the early 2000's they formed Braindead Entertainment and proceeded to release nothing short of straight classics... with tracks like "Slush", "Tiger Style", " Its War" and "Morbid" on the label, you'd be hard pressed to find them on vinyl these days...

with that being said, I was hyped to read that Tubby and Footsie were planning a relaunch of the Braindead imprint... the first release being a killer Bassline vocal track by Footsie himself entitled, "DYGMB - Do You Get Me Boss", which features remixes by Skitz Beatz and DJ Tubby respectively... [still however tryn to find the producer of the Baseline version lol].... its an incredibly strong release...

its nice to have a label pushing these types of flavors... can't wait to see what's next... now.. if I could only get my hands on Footsie's - "Big Band" and a vinyl copy of "Tiger Style" and "It's War" I could sleep a little easier at night.... lol

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Music Tech: Massive Dubstep - Nebulla Womp

What's in a womp? Well, for fans of Dubstep, whichever flavor you fancy, it's a lot. The "womp" - an onomatopoetic representation of a modulated bass tone - is perhaps the most well-known, defining sonic feature of Dubstep. Earlier precedents of this production element might be said to have originated in tearout styles of Drum & Bass and Breaks formats, but it's appearance as part the Dubstep lexicon is particularly new. History lesson over.

Among some of this week's new releases I discovered a womp sample pack from New York based Industrial Strength Records. Industrial Strength rose to fame throughout the 90's as a leading source for Hardcore Techno both in the US and abroad. This is the first time we've written up these sample packs here, but from the look of things the label has amassed quite a library of offerings. This one has been assembled by DJ Nebulla of NYC Dubstep label Code Of Arms Records. As with all of the "Massive Dubstep" collections the "Nebulla Womp" pack comes with both audio one-shots as well as the Native Instruments Massive patches from which the samples were created. Also included here, are a selection of "wobble kits" (a whole other history lesson) for NI's Kontakt. Finally, Industrial Strength have also thrown in some climbs and sweeps from their previous sample pack to give this 61 sound set a more well rounded appeal.

It's a little hard to judge the value of "Nebulla Womp" based on the preview track alone. That said, there are some great formant sounds and rises that do stand out. Even if these may not be the sounds that will rocket you to production heaven, they certainly provide a great head start. Beyond the sounds themselves, there is a lot to be said for the added incentive of being able to tweak the patches and make them your own. At a rough $26 that's a pretty sweet deal.
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Monday, September 19, 2011


Okay, well i am about two months too late on this tuesday bashment report...but in an attempt to rectify my image, and hold true to my word here it goes....and this is even a couple hours shy of TUESDAY so boom bang:.

My long time extended family member Trev Street finally made a trip from the city of lost angels...or as he puts it Los Scandalous Killafornia to the Rotten Apple.

The day Trev's plane landed, I welcomed him to Brooklyn to enjoy J'ouvert...which unfortunately has degraded from a place that used to be about fun and people enjoying their West-Indian heritage and culture with festive costumes, good food and drink, and of course scantily clad buxom beauties...

to a place where now little up and coming thugs randomly shoot their guns off in the crowd...well there are no new jobs, PAL closed all their locations and most peopple just dont give a fuck about em...but i digress.

In an effort to make his trip more productive, I made sure that my dupes Matic and him linked up to build a tune...the end result straight heat-rocks to your lie this song is fire.

If you notice...Trev has a higher more relaxed cali swagga flow, while Matic kills it with hard verses and bars in a deeper almost baritone manner. This juxtapostion is even further enhanced in that NOT one of the bars that they spit Rhymes from the last verse of the other...stylistically, culturally, compositionally these guys compliment eachother real well and I hope you all enjoy:

Unfortunately you will need to wait for the final mix to hear it...Imma try and put up a snippet by tomorrow. BLESS

That being said i am back on my shit DONT SLEEP, now mad scientist can go back to being mad about something else.
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Dubstep New Release: 9.16.11

As you can see, we've taken the weekend off. Fun's over ... back to grindin'. As with most Mondays we're looking to the Dubstep/Grime new releases and picking our favorite of the lot. First one up come's from Crushington & Optimus Gryme out on BOKA. Very pleased to hear BOKA label keeping it largely consistent with their earlier releases on this one. Probably more than any other label in 2008, BOKA is one that I bought up consistently on vinyl. Crushington and fellow kiwi Optimus have cooked up a screamer of a track on "Hangman". In truth there is not so much screaming as you might imagine, rather horror-house elements slice the air amid stomping mid-range bass stabs and phasing drops. Probably the best dark/grimey Dubstep I've heard for good while. "Voodoo Skank" on the B-side doesn't disappoint either. Crushington goes it alone with a fair share of heavy bass, well placed vocal snippets and funky breaks thrown in for good measure.
Crushington - Hangman (Ft. Optimus Gryme) / Voodoo Skank [BOKA036] Out 19th Sept by BOKA

On the Grime side, it's Kozzie's "I'm Famous" EP out on No Hat's No Hoods. This one has been on heavy circulation since May, but it's only right to give it some mention here. As Kozzie details on the title track - and as many of you are well aware - his more recent success is in a large part due to the immediately recognizable "Spartan" of last year. Kozzie has clearly been enjoying the fruits of his labor, though without slacking one bit. Unfortunately, the instrumental is no Spartan. It's got enough heft to warm things up at the rave but not quite mosh-pit material. Where the Grime instrumental falls short, Virgo's bassline remix picks up the slack bringing some life into the slugging bass of the original by highlighting an assortment of wacky/evilous samples. "My Life" rounds out this album preview with a heartfelt look back at some life-lessons learned the hard way.

I would generally limit this section to one if not two tracks. Today though, I can't help but feel I ought to leave you with another. Stinkahbell have quickly become a favorite around the Don't Sleep camp since volume two of their L.I.T.Z. mixtape cropped up back in March. This Monday brings you the release of three stanky joints on Hatcha's Sin City label. I'll let the music speak for itself on this one:

A must have for all lovers of booming sub bass!
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Friday Flashback : Classic Old School Grime Riddims PART 1

During some studio down time, I happened to see Wiley on "Never Mind the Buzzcocks" show of all places. I began to wonder if half the people on there really knew how much history and innovation he had done to UK music beyond his recent mainstream successes. It seems a million years ago from his Eskimo days and
today its almost as if the early days of grime never happened. Grime just aint the same. If you ask one of these dubstep-luving-hipster-dickheads whats their favorite grime riddim from back in the day, i doubt they will know WTF your're talking about. So today, in an attemped to re-educate the masses, and those who did not have the privilege of growing up around during the early days of UK grime.

Firstly, lets have a recap of what Grime music really is and how it came about. Its crazy to think that almost a decade ago it all started in London when 2-step/UK 140bpm based garage, blended together with elements of drum and bass, dancehall, hiphop and emceeing to form a highly aggressive bass driven futuristic rap music that was finally to reflect the streets like Hiphop had done to America. Theres so many influences and nuances from the genres that birthed it, its very complicated to disect and explain. But if like me, you remember the crazy early rinse sets, lord of the mics DVDs and DejaVu radio sets, you know what im talking is a few examples...

A good example of one of these nuances is how riddims were built. Much like Dancehall, the producer would build a riddim and there may be several different versions, freestyles or radio sets recorded over them. So today I am posting up one of my all time favourite riddims. So without delay, introducing Slew Dem Crew's "Gunman Riddim".

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Natural Selection 004 @ Highline Ballroom

September 16,2011

Natural Selection, Driven AM & Konkrete Jungle present:


S.P.Y (NYC Debut)
(Soul:r | Metalheadz | Innerground)

(Exit Records | Metalheadz)

(Metalheadz | Soul:r | Hospital)

(Driven AM | Natural Selection | Luv Disaster)

(Natural Selection / NY)

Concert starts @ 11PM
Doors open @ 11PM
Tickets $20.00 in advance
$25.00 day of show.

Buy Tickets Online

General Admission Standing Room / Limited seating available first come, first served


Packages & Discounts for Large Groups of 10 or more
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dub-to-Dubstep: Taal Mala - Elegant Replica

Alright folks, our Thursday agenda is still being rounded out or sharpened, as it were, but the gist so far is "Dub-to-Dubstep". It is appealing to trace the evolution of today's dance and electronic musics back to Dub Reggae circa 1960's. This allusion provides a comfortable linearity missing (and perhaps rightly so) from most modern/post-modern histories. Anyone with enough time to take a second look at this assertion, will know that it doesn't really apply equally to all styles of underground/bass music.

There are some points which are grounded to specific geography. For example, The role of Dub in the formation of NY Hip-Hop holds some truth via Grand Master Flash's Caribbean roots, among other things. The presence of a substantial West-Indian community in the UK and the importation of the Jamaican sound system to the British isles seems adequate grounds to imagine the influence of Dub on early rave culture and Jungle. Though, locality is clearly important, these points give us only a vague idea of what electronic musical traits can be said to link back to Dub. In an era wherein most music is produced/built digitally, it seems an extra leap is required to see any resemblance between the formulaic comestibles of Tiesto and Osbourne Ruddock's other-worldly reel to reel.

Making this leap is not what concerns us here. Rather than being a question of how far the influence of Dub extends through time and place, it is a question of what is being "said" through such an influence. The emergence of a Dubstep genre in the UK (who's origins are much easier to trace than Dub!) allowed for an opportunity to link two sounds in a very direct method. Dub is subtractive by nature (removing musical elements from the mixing) perhaps more than it is about repetition (use of echo, reverb, versioning of songs). Dubstep circa '05 '06 somehow contains this idea, often stripping down the track to only drums and bass and replacing the frenetic rhythm of Garage and Grime with a half-time pattern. This leaves room for the bass to come into the foreground and vocal samples to echo out in the spaces of the "slower" rhythm. A gross majority of Dubstep today does not make use of silence in this way. More specifically, it does not convey the idea of subtraction: that there was once something present that is no longer there. The ghost in the machine has been overwhelmed by the machine itself ...

The argument is not that Dubstep should be more like Dub or even limit itself to one sound. The point here is to draw attention to the critical potential of sounds that, intentionally or not, illicit the same ethos of experimentation and being both inside and outside of history (timeliness?) As an end to this rant I'd like to offer something new, rather than look back with nostalgia at musics past. I wont add much to this, except to explain that Taal Mala is a Dubstep producer from Vancouver (how British is British Columbia?) who has drawn my interest since Myspace days. His music has evolved in various ways but clearly remains pinned to some of the qualities I've mentioned above. Elegant Replica is out on Aufect Recordings in 2011.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

iZotope - Stutter Edit

It's an effect. It's an instrument. It's Stutter Edit—an innovative tool for both studio and stage, designed by BT and developed by iZotope.

Tear up your tracks in real time, building thrilling fills, complex effects, shimmering sweeps, and staggering stutters that will leave your listeners screaming for more. They'll think you spent hours slaving over the slices…but all it took was a press of a key.

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12th Planet and Plastician - Westside Dub (Smog 007)


With summer making way for falls inevitable arrival... I thought I'd take a moment and reflect... and bask in the sunshine a couple more times before we slam straight into winter.. (at least here in the northeast anyway )... - i swear New York's fall season lasts all of about 2 weeks sometimes...

anyhow... this is a track that definitely helps the sun shine a little brighter imo...
and if I'm not mistaken, this is the first collab between 12th Planet [LA] and Plastician [UK] making it all the more special... originally released back in March of this year on SMOG, L.A.s' premier dubstep label, "Westside Dub" oozes with G-Funk vibes and chronic.... ahh, I mean sonic goodness... true summer-time flavas...

and just a reminder... Plastician touches down in NYC this Friday at Webster Hall... will be sick!!

12th Planet and Plastician - Westside Dub (SMOG 007) by 12TH PLANET

you can purchase it at Juno...
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Sunday, September 11, 2011


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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Animation - Genius Party

haven't put some animation up here since when the rabbits got loose. Wanted to make a short post for this one. Definitely on a strange burner-tribal-religious vibe but it is a wicked production. Genius party is one of a series of great Japanese animation dvd's in the way of others like Robot Carnival.

Genius party from Aksel on Vimeo.

Actually this video is quite fitting since Lee "Scratch" Perry AKA musical papa performs tonight at BB Kings in midtown as part of the previously mentioned Dub Invasion Festival. No Sleeping!

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Max Echo & Bookz - Podcast Episode 16

First City Mob Episode 16

September Edition..

Hosted by Max Echo and Bookz

Bookz starts things off this episode with a high energy mix of Grime, Bassline, and Dubstep tracks followed by tracklist breakdown. Max Echo closes out this months mix with a high octane blend of Funky, Techno - infused House, and Tropical riddims...

Make sure to check back each month for mixes full of new releases and exclusives...

And if you haven't already... you can subscribe to the Itunes Podcast by clicking here.

Max Echo & Bookz - First City Mob Podcast - Episode 16 by First City Mob
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Friday, September 9, 2011

Flashback Friday: Hip-hop Origins

OK, so along with some ideas we've been tossing around to try and add some variety as well as continuity to this here blog of not sleeping, we've decided to try some different topics out on different days of the week. If you've stopped by here earlier this week you will have seen Mad Scientist posted something for Bashment Tuesdays. Some of these weekly "columns" will get moved and altered as we perfect the thing but so far it's looking pretty solid.

Anyway, today we're going to try out a rotating slot we're calling Flashback Fridays which I'm sure has been done before and will likely be copied again in some incarnation or other. The point however is that this column can serve as a way to put something on the blog that will get you amped to go out and maybe even put some onto things what they didn't catch the first time around.

Today's Flashback is going back to 1980's New York. Endlessly, this era seems to come up as what many consider to be a kind of peak for New York City's cultural hold on the globe. Apart from the ascendancy of global capital, New York's Hip-Hop culture also bloomed into widespread prominence at this time. While no one could really say that they want to back to a time of intense poverty and bankruptcy in NYC, we think it's important to remind ourselves what conditions produced this culture and what made it revolutionary. On that note, I offer this brief excerpt of Crazy Legs and Mr. Wiggle's discussing some the origins their breaking careers and what it meant to be part of a street culture. Don't watch the bizarre pirate gear on Mr. Wiggles ...

Sadly, I couldn't find any other clips from this video tape. There is a wealth of other stuff out there on 1980's New York, but I thought I would include this one since it has some of the nicest pairing of visuals and old school medley.

think this is the dude that done the video (myspace, i need to get back on facebook)
Bigup Italia!
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Thursday, September 8, 2011


And wouldn't you know it... I had a post all ready to go but while doing the rounds I found this track by Plastician that I didn't realize had dropped over the summer...

its off the Getdarker "This Is Dubstep 2011" compilation... If you haven't heard of Getdarker or GetdarkerTV, you've been missing out... Every week they host a top notch selection of Dubstep, and some Grime DJ's, of which they stream live via video... notables include Distance, Lost & Shivers, Kromestar, Kutz, Chef, Jakes etc... you get the picture.... you can also check their archives on the Itunes podcast page.

this might very well be my favorite Plastician tune to date...
Plastician also has an upcoming release on his label from Stinkahbell and Psy:am which is sounding large... more on that in a bit!!

And for the those of you in the NYC area Plastician will be playing the Trouble & Bass 5th anniversary on Sept 16th at Webster Hall.. will def be worth it..

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Sound Liberation Frontand New York-based record label Subatomic Sound are teaming up to present Dub Invasion Festival, a 10-day long excursion into the international musical phenomenon called dub. From its roots in 1960's Kingston reggae studios to its evolution into the digital age, dub helped give birth to modern remix culture and its influence and production techniques can be heard across countless genres, from hip-hop, electronica, to punk and rock. The festival will take place in New York and Boston from September 8-16 and will include shows by world-class performers, including Lee "Scratch" Perry, Mad Professor, Adrian Sherwood, Brother Culture, Twilight Circus Dub, and many others. There will also be music workshops, documentary screenings and more.

Event partners include Dubspot, Wax Poetics, Brooklyn Radio, Turntables on the Hudson, Liondub International, Deep Space, Deadly Dragon, Universal Sundays and Restless Native. For Schedule and Info, visit
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Carnival Riddims

In an attempt to console myself over the fact that summer is almost through I'm going to keep writing about older tunes I'm feeling currently.

Ga$$ed - Major Not£$

Major Notes has been a standard fixture in UK music since the mid noughties, though his sounds have really come to prominence via 2009-2010's revived interest in Funky House. From what I've gleaned through the interwebs, his production background stems from the HipHop side of the UK scene wherein he worked with NW London's Def1 among others. Despite being focused on radio play and mainstream UK trend, Major still manages to come up with some hard riddims falling in with the darker vibes of artists like Champion and Lil Silva. Below is my pick from his Ashanti Spears EP out on Lossol Entertainment in July of this year.

Stash - Jook 10

The other tune which I'd like to bring your attention to is Jook 10's Stash from his Biggy EP out on Soulserious this past June. Jook 10 hails from Reading and has been steadily climbing up the ranks in the Funky scene getting much rinseage at the hands of Marcus Nasty. Stash is an example of the best kind of Funky, which combine the more melodic vibes of house with bassline nastyness. This one is definitely a carnival smasher and goes out to all those celebrating Juvee this past Monday in Brooklyn.

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The Tuesday Bashment Report!

So every Tuesday, me and PDubz, but mostly likely myself, will be posting a round up of weeks Bashment/Dancehall goings on.

Its been a crazy week for all things dancehall....not only with the labor day celebrations but with a slew of hot new releases AND... If any of you out there remember my post ages back about G-Dep and the "Curse of Diddy", You might be interested to hear the latest happenings with Badboy's biggest (and I think only) dancehall Artist; Elephant Man.... From MediaTakeOut.Com...

"According to an employee of Bad Boy, reggae star Elephant Man became physically violent at a recent meeting at Bad Boy headquarters. The insider told that Elephant Man and a few friends paid a surprise visit to Diddy's offices a few days ago. And that's when all hell broke loose."

Read more here.

Now, im not sure how much of this is true...but still, its a great laugh and about time somebody stood up to Diddy and his exploitation of his recording artists.

As far as new releases go, right at the top of the pile is TJ Records again with the "Snap Back Riddim". And again, all the industry heavy weights are on it, but my personal favourite has to be the Popcaan version; "Clean". There seems to be no stoppin TJ records right now with his party friendly vibes and Im loving how he flipped that bass sample.... ;-)

And last, but by no mean least, and talking about producers... I came across this interesting interview on BBC 1Xtra from a while back but still not to be missed!! If you dont know about Former Gaza Empire's Not Nice, then where the fok ya been?!?!?!? Defiantly one of the hottest producers out there and a massive influence on yours truly.....

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Konkrete Jungle @ Nexus Lounge 9.5.11


Bookz (urs truly) will be kickin things off tonight at KJ come early... goin in on a Grime & Dubstep thing...

Konkrete Jungle at the
Nexus Lounge.... in the basement of One & One ....

One and One / Nexus Lounge
76, E 1st St / 12 1st Avenue,
New York, NY 10009


PRAYING MANTIS . . . 'Happy Birthday'

Doors Open:
11pm - 4am

from midnight till 3am

till 1am
$0.20 Wings
$5 till midnite AND ALL NIGHT ON LIST
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CTF115 - Ocean Drive - Foamo

What up fam? I hope Labor Day is finding you in fine style, getting belligerent or relaxing whichever your preference. Musically it's been a terrific summer; lot's of great releases, great shows etc. From my perspective, it's been a bit less of a sea change in terms of how underground music is evolving. Now things have settled in a bit and I hear far less that truly surprises me ...

That said, I'm glad to see some very talented producers still pushing the formula in new directions. One such producer, is Foamo who I discovered last year (back when I was still buying vinyl! shame ...) and have written up several times on DSNYC. His Summer Series on the FAT! label has shown his production take on some terrific qualities. It seems fair to categorize it generally as House music, even though it certainly has some other influences floating around in the foam. The latest in this series is Ocean Drive, which has a nice funky rhythm and scintillating textures at play. Along with a breezy melodica and requisite white noise rush, this track is worlds apart from most of the generic mush that passes for Funky House. We eagerly await the forthcoming 8-track "mega-EP" from Foamo, set for release later this year, of which this tune will be a part. Ocean Drive is available in digital shops today and is well worth adding to your end of summer festivities.
Foamo - Ocean Drive by Foamo
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Sunday, September 4, 2011

An Englishman in New York....

If you are a regular to this blog you might of noticed that there seems to be a lot of post about stuff from the LDN. Its understandable, there's just so much going on there in terms of all the genres, from Bashment to Dubstep and all the off shoot pigeon holes in between. This has prompted many discussions here at dontsleep, trussssss me. There's always been a long history of musical ideas being bounced back and fourth between here, the UK and Jamaica. So, if it seems we are breadin (watchin) the LDN hard, its just their turn right now... So NYC....come on!!! DONT SLEEEP!!!!

Anyways, Blade Brown is another artist from the LDN doing the whole rap thing. I hardly listen to hip-hop anymore, mainly as its kinda dried out in my view and can never really compare to the golden days that NYC was so famous for. But every so often comes an artist like French Montana, or Starz for example that gets me listening again by bringing something new and exciting to the table.

Blade Brown is the UK's answer to those artists. Brown comes with this laid back flow delivering some of the sickest bars ive heard for the longest. Similar to Frenchy, he chats the classic rags to riches shotta talk, making him known in da ends as the "Trap star". If you missed his first Mixtape "Bags and Boxes", dont delay for a split second and download it now. Just like the intro track to the mixtape, i gotta warn you, it WILL have you wanting to buy keys of that white so you can go Bonds street in London and shut it down with the profits.

Whats so special about Blade Brown is the remarkable detail in which he describes his hustling lifestyle. Theres no way it can be fake, there's just too much real talk in there, that if you have been around that way of life you, will instantly pick up on. His concepts like in "Me and my Worker" are a testament to this. Even if its the most classic of hip-hop subjects to rap about, he comes at it with a fresh and original perspective making it exciting again and most importantly, inspirational. Something I find has been missing from the game.

His new mixtape "Financial Times" is out now and here is the perfect track from it to post on DontSleep. Why? well, just peep the video, its all shot here in NYC.....

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Alteration @ Public Assembly Sun 9.4.11

Alteration,NYC,Dontsleepnyc,KRTS,Wavewhore,Dave Q,Grime,Dubstep,Breaks

Round out the rest of your Labor Day Weekend tomorrow night!!!!

ALTERATION, an event dedicated to providing quality Bass Music to New York City, (Drum+Bass, Dubstep, Breaks, Grime, Funky and everything in-between)

Alteration presents it's Labor Day bash! (No work or school the next day!)
Playing material from his forthcoming "Hold On" EP on Project:Mooncircle Recordings:

KRTS (Project: Mooncircle)

Also with:

WAVEWHORE (Hardcore Beats, Broke, Electrofly, Bombtraxx)
DAVE Q (Dub War, Twisup, The Index)
MODULATE (Sector Shop)
NYCHAVOK (Alteration)



Public Assembly (Back Room)
70 N 6TH ST
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Friday, September 2, 2011

SDJD014 - Streethawk - J-Sweet

Brand spankling from SlitJockey Records due out later this month is this super-charged riddim from none other than Grime producer OG J-Sweet (is 10 years long enough to be an OG? low it) Anyhow, going back to 2001 at least, Jason Sweetman has been churning out darker styles of UK garage that are now indelibly linked to the current sound of Grime instrumentals. Of course the only way to back up such a claim is to hear something new. J-Sweet's tracks have almost always hinged on 8-bar hooks punctuated with catchy vocal samples. On Streethawk he updates this winning high-energy formula with a grinding bassline perfectly offset by bell-chimes and a full vocal clip from the 1970's pulp series after which the track is named. We are painfully curious as to what the B-side contains but we'll let it slide for now.

It's like bass-crack! enjoy ...

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Touchy Feely Luvstep Rundown

Far too many great tracks from last month. August is supposed to be the month when labels slow down along with everyone else except architects and DJ's. If this is what is pumping out in the slow month, this is going one hell of a Fall. All of which, is just as well since we are aiming for a new consistent standard of one post daily. I'm going to break up these next reviews into Dubstep and Funky based primarily on tempo but also by style, which should hopefully become apparent as we moved forward. Arright, enough chat ...

First up, Sepalcure's exceedingly popular foray into the depths of R'n'BxGarage love gets a well timed resurrection on the Love Pressure Remix album. Our favorite of the bunch, which includes ones from Lando Kal, Falty DL, Jimmy Edgar and Daedalus, is by far XI's west-coast relick of the title track. Allowing much of the original pads and reverb heavy percussion to remain intact, the Toronto native has stripped the delicate white-noise orgy into a fierce Lovestep (thank you Starkey!) gangster lean. This is music to ride to, dubstep in it's finest:

Next up is an artist we haven't written about here before. Nightwave is a London based producer, previously known as 8Bitch. The title track from her Feel EP seems like a much shorter companion to some of the tougher tracks put out by Ikonika and Nightslugs cohorts in the last year. It also shares some key elements with some of the names mentioned in the paragraph above. Aside from it's unfortunate brevity, the track does feature a delightful contrast between thumping grimey bass, glossy arp and chirping vocals. Here it's given a nice video edit/mashup by Svetlana Industries. Boh!

Last but not least, we have Feel U by Myrryrs (something like a theme developing here) out on Discobelle records. From the bizarre album art I really wasn't sure what to expect from this release. Judging by the animal theme here I was anticipating something along the lines of Gold Panda or Little Dragon. This dripped out slow jam is probably the best number out of the six tracks contained on the EP which features remixes of the title track by Samo Soundboy, Clicks & Whistles and Teki Latex & Bambounou. Have a listen for yourself below with art-school visuals by The Samo Soundboy remix is a close second but there is something unsettling about the original that is far more appealing. All in all, hope you enjoy this wrap of these touchy-feely tracks that I've been feeling. Over and out ...

Feel U from MYRRYRS on Vimeo.

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