Monday, September 5, 2011

CTF115 - Ocean Drive - Foamo

What up fam? I hope Labor Day is finding you in fine style, getting belligerent or relaxing whichever your preference. Musically it's been a terrific summer; lot's of great releases, great shows etc. From my perspective, it's been a bit less of a sea change in terms of how underground music is evolving. Now things have settled in a bit and I hear far less that truly surprises me ...

That said, I'm glad to see some very talented producers still pushing the formula in new directions. One such producer, is Foamo who I discovered last year (back when I was still buying vinyl! shame ...) and have written up several times on DSNYC. His Summer Series on the FAT! label has shown his production take on some terrific qualities. It seems fair to categorize it generally as House music, even though it certainly has some other influences floating around in the foam. The latest in this series is Ocean Drive, which has a nice funky rhythm and scintillating textures at play. Along with a breezy melodica and requisite white noise rush, this track is worlds apart from most of the generic mush that passes for Funky House. We eagerly await the forthcoming 8-track "mega-EP" from Foamo, set for release later this year, of which this tune will be a part. Ocean Drive is available in digital shops today and is well worth adding to your end of summer festivities.
Foamo - Ocean Drive by Foamo
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