Monday, September 19, 2011

Dubstep New Release: 9.16.11

As you can see, we've taken the weekend off. Fun's over ... back to grindin'. As with most Mondays we're looking to the Dubstep/Grime new releases and picking our favorite of the lot. First one up come's from Crushington & Optimus Gryme out on BOKA. Very pleased to hear BOKA label keeping it largely consistent with their earlier releases on this one. Probably more than any other label in 2008, BOKA is one that I bought up consistently on vinyl. Crushington and fellow kiwi Optimus have cooked up a screamer of a track on "Hangman". In truth there is not so much screaming as you might imagine, rather horror-house elements slice the air amid stomping mid-range bass stabs and phasing drops. Probably the best dark/grimey Dubstep I've heard for good while. "Voodoo Skank" on the B-side doesn't disappoint either. Crushington goes it alone with a fair share of heavy bass, well placed vocal snippets and funky breaks thrown in for good measure.
Crushington - Hangman (Ft. Optimus Gryme) / Voodoo Skank [BOKA036] Out 19th Sept by BOKA

On the Grime side, it's Kozzie's "I'm Famous" EP out on No Hat's No Hoods. This one has been on heavy circulation since May, but it's only right to give it some mention here. As Kozzie details on the title track - and as many of you are well aware - his more recent success is in a large part due to the immediately recognizable "Spartan" of last year. Kozzie has clearly been enjoying the fruits of his labor, though without slacking one bit. Unfortunately, the instrumental is no Spartan. It's got enough heft to warm things up at the rave but not quite mosh-pit material. Where the Grime instrumental falls short, Virgo's bassline remix picks up the slack bringing some life into the slugging bass of the original by highlighting an assortment of wacky/evilous samples. "My Life" rounds out this album preview with a heartfelt look back at some life-lessons learned the hard way.

I would generally limit this section to one if not two tracks. Today though, I can't help but feel I ought to leave you with another. Stinkahbell have quickly become a favorite around the Don't Sleep camp since volume two of their L.I.T.Z. mixtape cropped up back in March. This Monday brings you the release of three stanky joints on Hatcha's Sin City label. I'll let the music speak for itself on this one:

A must have for all lovers of booming sub bass!
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