Sunday, September 4, 2011

An Englishman in New York....

If you are a regular to this blog you might of noticed that there seems to be a lot of post about stuff from the LDN. Its understandable, there's just so much going on there in terms of all the genres, from Bashment to Dubstep and all the off shoot pigeon holes in between. This has prompted many discussions here at dontsleep, trussssss me. There's always been a long history of musical ideas being bounced back and fourth between here, the UK and Jamaica. So, if it seems we are breadin (watchin) the LDN hard, its just their turn right now... So NYC....come on!!! DONT SLEEEP!!!!

Anyways, Blade Brown is another artist from the LDN doing the whole rap thing. I hardly listen to hip-hop anymore, mainly as its kinda dried out in my view and can never really compare to the golden days that NYC was so famous for. But every so often comes an artist like French Montana, or Starz for example that gets me listening again by bringing something new and exciting to the table.

Blade Brown is the UK's answer to those artists. Brown comes with this laid back flow delivering some of the sickest bars ive heard for the longest. Similar to Frenchy, he chats the classic rags to riches shotta talk, making him known in da ends as the "Trap star". If you missed his first Mixtape "Bags and Boxes", dont delay for a split second and download it now. Just like the intro track to the mixtape, i gotta warn you, it WILL have you wanting to buy keys of that white so you can go Bonds street in London and shut it down with the profits.

Whats so special about Blade Brown is the remarkable detail in which he describes his hustling lifestyle. Theres no way it can be fake, there's just too much real talk in there, that if you have been around that way of life you, will instantly pick up on. His concepts like in "Me and my Worker" are a testament to this. Even if its the most classic of hip-hop subjects to rap about, he comes at it with a fresh and original perspective making it exciting again and most importantly, inspirational. Something I find has been missing from the game.

His new mixtape "Financial Times" is out now and here is the perfect track from it to post on DontSleep. Why? well, just peep the video, its all shot here in NYC.....

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