Thursday, September 1, 2011

Touchy Feely Luvstep Rundown

Far too many great tracks from last month. August is supposed to be the month when labels slow down along with everyone else except architects and DJ's. If this is what is pumping out in the slow month, this is going one hell of a Fall. All of which, is just as well since we are aiming for a new consistent standard of one post daily. I'm going to break up these next reviews into Dubstep and Funky based primarily on tempo but also by style, which should hopefully become apparent as we moved forward. Arright, enough chat ...

First up, Sepalcure's exceedingly popular foray into the depths of R'n'BxGarage love gets a well timed resurrection on the Love Pressure Remix album. Our favorite of the bunch, which includes ones from Lando Kal, Falty DL, Jimmy Edgar and Daedalus, is by far XI's west-coast relick of the title track. Allowing much of the original pads and reverb heavy percussion to remain intact, the Toronto native has stripped the delicate white-noise orgy into a fierce Lovestep (thank you Starkey!) gangster lean. This is music to ride to, dubstep in it's finest:

Next up is an artist we haven't written about here before. Nightwave is a London based producer, previously known as 8Bitch. The title track from her Feel EP seems like a much shorter companion to some of the tougher tracks put out by Ikonika and Nightslugs cohorts in the last year. It also shares some key elements with some of the names mentioned in the paragraph above. Aside from it's unfortunate brevity, the track does feature a delightful contrast between thumping grimey bass, glossy arp and chirping vocals. Here it's given a nice video edit/mashup by Svetlana Industries. Boh!

Last but not least, we have Feel U by Myrryrs (something like a theme developing here) out on Discobelle records. From the bizarre album art I really wasn't sure what to expect from this release. Judging by the animal theme here I was anticipating something along the lines of Gold Panda or Little Dragon. This dripped out slow jam is probably the best number out of the six tracks contained on the EP which features remixes of the title track by Samo Soundboy, Clicks & Whistles and Teki Latex & Bambounou. Have a listen for yourself below with art-school visuals by The Samo Soundboy remix is a close second but there is something unsettling about the original that is far more appealing. All in all, hope you enjoy this wrap of these touchy-feely tracks that I've been feeling. Over and out ...

Feel U from MYRRYRS on Vimeo.

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