Friday, September 9, 2011

Flashback Friday: Hip-hop Origins

OK, so along with some ideas we've been tossing around to try and add some variety as well as continuity to this here blog of not sleeping, we've decided to try some different topics out on different days of the week. If you've stopped by here earlier this week you will have seen Mad Scientist posted something for Bashment Tuesdays. Some of these weekly "columns" will get moved and altered as we perfect the thing but so far it's looking pretty solid.

Anyway, today we're going to try out a rotating slot we're calling Flashback Fridays which I'm sure has been done before and will likely be copied again in some incarnation or other. The point however is that this column can serve as a way to put something on the blog that will get you amped to go out and maybe even put some onto things what they didn't catch the first time around.

Today's Flashback is going back to 1980's New York. Endlessly, this era seems to come up as what many consider to be a kind of peak for New York City's cultural hold on the globe. Apart from the ascendancy of global capital, New York's Hip-Hop culture also bloomed into widespread prominence at this time. While no one could really say that they want to back to a time of intense poverty and bankruptcy in NYC, we think it's important to remind ourselves what conditions produced this culture and what made it revolutionary. On that note, I offer this brief excerpt of Crazy Legs and Mr. Wiggle's discussing some the origins their breaking careers and what it meant to be part of a street culture. Don't watch the bizarre pirate gear on Mr. Wiggles ...

Sadly, I couldn't find any other clips from this video tape. There is a wealth of other stuff out there on 1980's New York, but I thought I would include this one since it has some of the nicest pairing of visuals and old school medley.

think this is the dude that done the video (myspace, i need to get back on facebook)
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