Friday, September 30, 2011

Flashback Friday: No Bother Dis Riddim

So in the process of looking for a throwback jam to post up I stumbled on this classic dancehall era riddim inna '89 style. I wont add much about the other versions of "No Bother Dis Riddim" as you wont have to look to far to find a decent recording online. "Pick Of The Past" (indeed) from Admiral Tibett probably sounds the most like 1989 with its sultry saxophone filling in for the vocal part. The version that really brings out the futuristic elements on this digital scorcher is Shaka Shamba's "Space Flight". Synthesizers were worming their way into reggae fairly early on to be sure, but the advent of affordable, programmable drum machines and samplers in the 1980's really changed the shape of Jamaican music in a dramatic way. It's the use of these elements in addition to the psychedelic Juno atmospherics on "Space Flight" that give it a sound much closer to early Jungle. It might be worth some hours of crate digging in ye old den of Deadly Dragon to find either of these prized gems. Dig back, dig well.

Big shouts to stormysky30 for the vids!
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