Saturday, September 17, 2011

Friday Flashback : Classic Old School Grime Riddims PART 1

During some studio down time, I happened to see Wiley on "Never Mind the Buzzcocks" show of all places. I began to wonder if half the people on there really knew how much history and innovation he had done to UK music beyond his recent mainstream successes. It seems a million years ago from his Eskimo days and
today its almost as if the early days of grime never happened. Grime just aint the same. If you ask one of these dubstep-luving-hipster-dickheads whats their favorite grime riddim from back in the day, i doubt they will know WTF your're talking about. So today, in an attemped to re-educate the masses, and those who did not have the privilege of growing up around during the early days of UK grime.

Firstly, lets have a recap of what Grime music really is and how it came about. Its crazy to think that almost a decade ago it all started in London when 2-step/UK 140bpm based garage, blended together with elements of drum and bass, dancehall, hiphop and emceeing to form a highly aggressive bass driven futuristic rap music that was finally to reflect the streets like Hiphop had done to America. Theres so many influences and nuances from the genres that birthed it, its very complicated to disect and explain. But if like me, you remember the crazy early rinse sets, lord of the mics DVDs and DejaVu radio sets, you know what im talking is a few examples...

A good example of one of these nuances is how riddims were built. Much like Dancehall, the producer would build a riddim and there may be several different versions, freestyles or radio sets recorded over them. So today I am posting up one of my all time favourite riddims. So without delay, introducing Slew Dem Crew's "Gunman Riddim".

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