Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Music Tech: Massive Dubstep - Nebulla Womp

What's in a womp? Well, for fans of Dubstep, whichever flavor you fancy, it's a lot. The "womp" - an onomatopoetic representation of a modulated bass tone - is perhaps the most well-known, defining sonic feature of Dubstep. Earlier precedents of this production element might be said to have originated in tearout styles of Drum & Bass and Breaks formats, but it's appearance as part the Dubstep lexicon is particularly new. History lesson over.

Among some of this week's new releases I discovered a womp sample pack from New York based Industrial Strength Records. Industrial Strength rose to fame throughout the 90's as a leading source for Hardcore Techno both in the US and abroad. This is the first time we've written up these sample packs here, but from the look of things the label has amassed quite a library of offerings. This one has been assembled by DJ Nebulla of NYC Dubstep label Code Of Arms Records. As with all of the "Massive Dubstep" collections the "Nebulla Womp" pack comes with both audio one-shots as well as the Native Instruments Massive patches from which the samples were created. Also included here, are a selection of "wobble kits" (a whole other history lesson) for NI's Kontakt. Finally, Industrial Strength have also thrown in some climbs and sweeps from their previous sample pack to give this 61 sound set a more well rounded appeal.

It's a little hard to judge the value of "Nebulla Womp" based on the preview track alone. That said, there are some great formant sounds and rises that do stand out. Even if these may not be the sounds that will rocket you to production heaven, they certainly provide a great head start. Beyond the sounds themselves, there is a lot to be said for the added incentive of being able to tweak the patches and make them your own. At a rough $26 that's a pretty sweet deal.
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