Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Bashment : EXTRA SPICY!!!

Unlike previous weeks, this week's bashment report will focus on just one artist. Unless you've been living under a rock for the last 5 years, you can not have missed this artist's rise to the top of the female dancehall MC ranks. I've been clockin Spice's progress even since I saw her in one of her first video/singles for the Eighty Five Riddim, made famous mainly by Baby Cham and Alicia Keys "Ghetto Story" version.

Spice exploded onto the scene with her raunchy lyrics and provocative style and she's never stopped grinding with constant high level of productivity and quality BIG TUNES!! while almost always yelling out her trademark catch phrase "Scorn Dem!!!!". This has put her at the top of the dancehall charts and scene, and ahead of all her female rivals but what most people probably know her from, is her duet/feature on Kartel's pop hit "Romping Shop", but one only has to look beyond that to see her own extensive list of hits. Just in case you have missed out I recommend you check out 2008's "A NUH ME" and "NOT MY FAULT", 2009's "Slim vs. Fluffy", and last year's "Jim Screechie".

Anyways, back to 2011.... and yes, shes back and back in a big big way. To maintain her seat at the throne of dancehall, the queen of ragga has come not with one, but two big tunes for this year. The first is some classic bashment to get you daggering again, with a wicked Africa themed video.... check out "Hot Patty Wine"....

The second is probably her most adventurous (in terms of mainstream appeal) song featuring none other then the once queen of the pop/hip-hop world Missy Elliot. It's good to see Missy back in action, and where better then in a bashment party anthem. What makes it work so well, is that both artists bring energy and well, "fun", back into the game....

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