Monday, September 19, 2011


Okay, well i am about two months too late on this tuesday bashment report...but in an attempt to rectify my image, and hold true to my word here it goes....and this is even a couple hours shy of TUESDAY so boom bang:.

My long time extended family member Trev Street finally made a trip from the city of lost angels...or as he puts it Los Scandalous Killafornia to the Rotten Apple.

The day Trev's plane landed, I welcomed him to Brooklyn to enjoy J'ouvert...which unfortunately has degraded from a place that used to be about fun and people enjoying their West-Indian heritage and culture with festive costumes, good food and drink, and of course scantily clad buxom beauties...

to a place where now little up and coming thugs randomly shoot their guns off in the crowd...well there are no new jobs, PAL closed all their locations and most peopple just dont give a fuck about em...but i digress.

In an effort to make his trip more productive, I made sure that my dupes Matic and him linked up to build a tune...the end result straight heat-rocks to your lie this song is fire.

If you notice...Trev has a higher more relaxed cali swagga flow, while Matic kills it with hard verses and bars in a deeper almost baritone manner. This juxtapostion is even further enhanced in that NOT one of the bars that they spit Rhymes from the last verse of the other...stylistically, culturally, compositionally these guys compliment eachother real well and I hope you all enjoy:

Unfortunately you will need to wait for the final mix to hear it...Imma try and put up a snippet by tomorrow. BLESS

That being said i am back on my shit DONT SLEEP, now mad scientist can go back to being mad about something else.
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