Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Tuesday Bashment Report!

So every Tuesday, me and PDubz, but mostly likely myself, will be posting a round up of weeks Bashment/Dancehall goings on.

Its been a crazy week for all things dancehall....not only with the labor day celebrations but with a slew of hot new releases AND... If any of you out there remember my post ages back about G-Dep and the "Curse of Diddy", You might be interested to hear the latest happenings with Badboy's biggest (and I think only) dancehall Artist; Elephant Man.... From MediaTakeOut.Com...

"According to an employee of Bad Boy, reggae star Elephant Man became physically violent at a recent meeting at Bad Boy headquarters. The insider told MediaTakeOut.com that Elephant Man and a few friends paid a surprise visit to Diddy's offices a few days ago. And that's when all hell broke loose."

Read more here.

Now, im not sure how much of this is true...but still, its a great laugh and about time somebody stood up to Diddy and his exploitation of his recording artists.

As far as new releases go, right at the top of the pile is TJ Records again with the "Snap Back Riddim". And again, all the industry heavy weights are on it, but my personal favourite has to be the Popcaan version; "Clean". There seems to be no stoppin TJ records right now with his party friendly vibes and Im loving how he flipped that bass sample.... ;-)

And last, but by no mean least, and talking about producers... I came across this interesting interview on BBC 1Xtra from a while back but still not to be missed!! If you dont know about Former Gaza Empire's Not Nice, then where the fok ya been?!?!?!? Defiantly one of the hottest producers out there and a massive influence on yours truly.....

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