Monday, October 31, 2011

TEMPA 060DIGI - Hunted - SP MC & LX ONE

Our pick for today's new releases is a fresh single from SP:MC and LX One entitled "Hunted". The Drum & Bass influence comes through quite nicely on each of these dark bouncing cuts, aligning perfectly with the cool-and-deadly composure for which Tempa is so well loved. "Hunted" is a direct progression from an earlier collaboration on Tempa which featured much of the same sub-pressure esthetics. The loping acoustic drum work and dubbed-out atmospherics are still present but this most recent effort has a distinct edgy tonality and chilling samples to boot. Overall, a very nostalgic sound and much needed break from the usual tear-out fare.

SP:MC & LX ONE - Hunted (Forthcoming Tempa) by LX ONE
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Not Nice...for the haters....

I am glad to see NotNice is still putting out some was a shame when i saw him and di teacha get into it...and then they rob him and seem to want chase him out of JA.

He makes simple beats, that are tough as FUCK. So like i said haters it's Not Nice season...big ting.

That being said...while di gaza world boss looks on his cell floor with 2 murder charges and counting the boy Mavado is getting back in touch with his roots, with talks of repatriation back to Ghana (link copy and paste: )but before he leaves he has put out a tufff track...enjoy my peeps...A more thoughtful post is soon to come...blessings and love to all....We forward ever, won't and CAN'T look the physics of life dictate:

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Benga - Yotel NYC - WED Oct 26th 10pm


funny how things sneak up on you... I woulda been tight if I found out after the fact... make sure you rsvp and get there early... there's always a line, and it gets crowded quick...

click pic for rsvp link


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Friday, October 21, 2011

Flashback Friday's - Black Moon "How Many M.C's"


I'm gonna continue on my 90's hip hop vibe with this video from Black Moon...
This track alone made me go out and buy the whole album back in the day... its a straight classic... the vocals on this album are not for the faint of heart... definitely a dark album as far as lyrics go ("No Extra Smiling" as Funkmaster Flex might say..., but its absolutely an amazing album... the production by Evil D and Da Beatminerz is on point... I love how they filtered everything down to just the bass sample... a technique they used on various tracks on the album

they way the video starts off still gets me to this day... its a real glimpse in to what New York looked like back then... my how this city has changed... some for better / some for worse...

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"The Dismantle EP"


if your like me, you might find it hard to keep up with the amount of releases that drop during a given period.. there are soooo many that manage to slip through the cracks... at DontsleepNYC we do our best to showcase artists and music that we enjoy... music that grabs our attention...

an artist named Dismantle grabbed my attention recently, and I've been keeping track of new releases from him since... he's part of the Gangoon Dubz crew reppin Brighton.. the crew consists of Hizzleguy (more on him soon), Dismantle, Zaius, Rudi Redz, 184, Hanz1 and Hurley... recently I've been goin in heavy with beats from Hizzleguy, Dismantle and Rudi Redz... i can't exactly remember where I heard about them first, but a Sin City live mix I downloaded off Getdarker was what really got me... Hizzleguy tends to bring the heavier Dubstep flavas, whereas Dismantle has a bit of Funky in his productions... but its definitely still hard if Funky is not quite your thing... to be honest I've been meaning to do a post on these guys for a few months now.... no better time like the present...

"The Dismantle EP" on Biscuit Factory Records is a self-titled 3 track EP which dropped a couple weeks ago... and if I had to choose a favorite it would probably be Clone, although I like all 3 tracks independently... and while were on the subject of Dismantle, his Computation release on Wheel & Deal records, which dropped officially in September is a definite buy as well... both Computation and Word Dance are both surefire crowd pleasers... keep an eye out for these guys...

you can pick up these releases at all good stores: Juno, Boomkat, etc...

"Word Dance" Preview

Word Dance (FORTHCOMING WHEEL & DEAL) by Dismantle

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Introducing G-Frsh Ft. Blade Brown "What you need"

If you know me, you know im a massive Blade Brown fan, his mixtapes this year and last year i've said (and i still stand by this statement) are the best hip-hop mixtapes to come out of the UK in the past 5 years, and maybe even better then alot of this mediocre yanky stuff that i even rate. Personally, I would even go as far as to say that its gone into my top ten mixtapes of all time, if you aint downloaded "bags and boxes" or this years "financial times"...SHAME ON U!!!! Wot kinda mug are u?!?!? time to wake the fuck up....anyways back to this post...

So, having said that, of course anytime I hear some new Blade B. I have go run check it out and recently, this popped up... It features another UK rapper called "G-Frsh" (ABOVE), who i have to be honest i ain't heard of yet, but as you can see from this track/video, the guy has maaad skills and is not to be forgive my ignorance! Anyways, whats more, the riddim is mental.... its got a classic James Brown sample in the hook, making it so hip-hop, that my UK cats are seriously giving the these lazy yanks a run for their money.... Jesus...if there was ever a time for the phrase "dont sleep nyc" ...its NOW!

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

ASAP Rocky - "Peso" - Harlem NYC

a short one from me today... this a crew coming out of Harlem with some refreshing new sounds.... if I'm not mistaken its a crew called ASAP, but this video in particular is for ASAP - Rocky.. (they put ASAP in front of all their names)... I'm feelin this beat tho... different vibes... some new sh*t...

I would check for these guys if you haven't been already... I don't think they have an album out yet.... but should be droppin a mixtape soon.... big up the NYTimes [lmao]... for the article... (can't believe I wrote that...) but its nice they biggin this crew up... they could be writing about some bullsh*t instead lol..
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Keep it Honest

What happened to humility in music? what happened to honest confessions of a man in pain...with all the bravado feigned in today's popular culture you seldom hear anything that makes u say " O yea, this person has feelings" or "is human" etc etc.

Honestly, are we so concerned about our image these days that we can't ever show any depth or dimension to our public image?
I like the 'I have a bigger gun and badder chick than you' song as much as the next man...but I miss tunes like these:

Okay, I'm lying, but only because I wasn't alive when this song came out. Which is why I feel like an ancient soul in modern times...that however is another story. Back to the matter at hand, we need to reinvigorate the depth in music. We, the artists/fans/PEOPLE, must do it through the music we choose to stand behind, and namely by just speaking the truth.

I give a lot of respect to Matic for his latest track concept and video, the message is not one that a lot of artists have the confidence, honesty or vision to discuss. And yes i am biased cause thats my dupes, but i would like to say in this case i am just a fan...enjoy:

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Dont Tell Mum About Ibiza... Psy:am & Stinkahbell


a few hours before 12 so I'm still in the running... this one's a big release though so don't watch that... big up all you who knew about this one a year and change almost probably...... "Dont Tell Mum About Ibiza"... is a joint venture / collaboration between Psy:am and Stinkahbell... this one comes barreling through on Plastician's own Terrorhythm Recordings.. glad to see this one out for the masses... personally I think Bannerworx was the first person I heard drop this... but I'm sure there's been many DJ's bashin this one about for sometime now...
Big Shouts go to the man Plastician for pushin these types of flavas...

this one's out at all your fine establishments.. such as Boomkat, Itunes, Beatport, Digital-Tunes... etc.... you def wanna cop this one...

you can preview the EP below....

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Flashback Fridays - Craig Mack - Get Down Remix


even tho were close to being well into Saturday, I had to do a post on this track that's been in my head the last 72 hours... I have no idea where it came from.. I did go see Rich Medina spin this Wednesday, so its possible he might've played it... - I was a little torn up... nevertheless.. this is a classic from the early 90's, featuring Craig Mack... god help us if you don't know who Craig Mack is, if not google him please.. at the very least you've probably heard Flava In Ya Ear...

this version of "Get Down" happens to be a remix by Q-Tip [one of Tips many incredible remixes], and one of my favorites... I love hip hop from the 90's, if for nothing else... the eerie noises and soundscapes in the background... a smokers wet dream

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Badness and Dizzle Kid on Logan Sama

being that there is always a bit of a disconnect between listening to a finished track on an album vs hearing a live set or freestyle from an artist... - the live version always seems to be a truer representation of the sound, allowing the music itself to come alive... that particular moment is captured in time, never to be reproduced exactly the same...

this live set taken from Badness and Dizzle Kid on Logan Samas' Kiss FM show, proves just how true that statement is... the 30+ minute freestyle session showcases how talented both artists are. their interaction and verbal sparring between tracks is spot on... most recently if your coming from a Dubstep angle you might've heard Badness on Nightmare (Coki & Cotti's Remix)... and with Dizzle Kid recently releasing his "Do What I Want EP" on September 19th... featuring production from Bless Beats, Faze Miyake and more... and there's no excuses cause its a free release, which you can download here.

its safe to say without a doubt, you'll be seeing a lot more from Badness and Dizzle Kid well into 2012... some highlights from the set include: ... track that comes in at 15:15, a banger... also a nice Funky-esq flavored number at 19:00 mn ...features a track by Uncle Dreama, + the track immediately following it is nuts... nice flavors throughout... Big Up

Dizzle Kid,DontsleepNYC,Grime
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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Vinyl Wednesday: Tilt Shift Remixes/Put It On

Alright, having given Bashment Tuesday's a miss this week ... (don't tim & barry dat, plenty in the pipeline for you yet) we're switching up our Wednesday Music Tech section as well. Along with the production side of things, we've reserved Wednesday's for vinyl, both new and old, which we deem worthy of your support. I'm going to keep this run brief so I can escape the morning light (dracula status ...) and so turn your attention to one of my favorite labels consistently churning out the goods: Fat City!
After many months of heavy rotation two expertly remixed versions of Mosca's Tilt Shift from Julio Bashmore and Swing Ting get a hand-stamped white label release. These days it's rare when a release comes a long that I feel is a must have on vinyl. Swing Ting has also supplied a haunting dub version that sealed the deal for me on this one. It's out on digital but you know you'll enjoy more on loverly wax.

While you're at it check out this one from Mr. Baobinga ... More Vinyl!

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Monday, October 3, 2011

The Comic Mad Genius of Yannis Pappas

Yeh, we are a music blog, dont get it twis, every so often, we have to school you on some new hot film, a must have item, or in this case a real gem of a comedy event....

I'm sure some of you New Yorkers out there that aint been asleep over the last few years have heard of this guy. Introducting Yannis Pappas!! A real Brooklynite (born and bred, NOT FROM MANHATTAN OR IDAHO that is).

I'm not going to spend an hour on his bio. Take it from me, this guy is amazing and a real credit to the city from which he hails. If you want to find out more just check out his website for the full background.

I live in a predominantly Greek part of Queens and one day at my local barbers my friend put one of the many Yannis Pappas "Mr Panos" sketches on the youtube. It was wicked! I was dying, the whole room was too, and like so many things in comedy, it's so true to reality but yet so exaggerated in just the right ways to make it hysterically funny, reflective, poignant and just MADDDD!!! And just like the best comedy characters, they all have their own trade mark catch phrases.... And if you have been around me the last few weeks, you probably want to punch me in the face as I keep yelling... "Dassit!!!" or "Ballah!!!" and "Chinese Peepol!!!" at the end of every other sentence.

I then became hooked to Mr Panos, a character in the same comic tradition as Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat for example. Created by Yannis Pappas and based on a typical Greek New York diner owner, it struck a chord with me. I then discovered another few of his genius character creations.... most notably there's Mauricia Rodriguez, a transsexual Puerto Rican from the L.E.S. and then there's Brooklyn's The Sneaker Keeper.

Anyways, to conclude this post, you just gotta go check him out this November 10th. You can buy the tickets from Ticketmaster, just check his site for the correct links. It's rare to catch something so good in the early stages before it blows up, especially something so special to New York City. I mean, how long do you have to live here before you know a Mauricia?!??! a Mr Panos?!? or a Sneaker Keeper?!?!?? We all know might even be one!!!

A massive bigup to Yannis Pappas.... creating and innovating in NYC!! Dont Sleep!
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THE KUSHSTEP E.P. feat M.C. Kush

Kushstep,First City Records,dontsleepnyc

and without further delay.... we here at First City Records are proud to present the first solo EP, from the one and only... M.C. Kush... a true soldier and early member of First City... no doubt its been incredibly long over-due, but glad it's finally here.... Very hyped about this release... Big Up to Kush and all the fam!!!

The Kushstep E.P. Featuring M.C. Kush

-Born in Birmingham England, and later moving to Brooklyn, NY as a youth, Kush was introduced to sound system culture early on, and by age 4 was moving speaker boxes for his brother’s sound system. With frequent travels between the U.S. and U.K., Kush's passion for music would eventually lead him to Pirate Radio in Birmingham.... hosting shows on Kriss, and Passion FM, where he could be found dropping the latest in RnB, Reggae, and UK Garage... the So Solid Crew being a heavy influence. Back in the states, Kush teamed up with Drum and Bass / Garage producer Dinesh... a collaboration which ultimately landed him at the world renown Drum and Bass weekly Konkrete Jungle. There he would cross paths with MC K Swift, and from which the beginnings of First City would form.-

The Kushstep E.P. stands as a testament to the sounds and influences of the UK music scene. With Bookz on production, the Kushstep E.P. pulls heavily from Dubstep and Grime, with elements of American Hip Hop interspersed. The tongue-in-cheek vocals of “Wheelchair Riddim” are sure to grab even the most jaded of listeners. The hook speaks for itself, and in no uncertain terms... leaving the bassline to smash the dance floor from the ground up. The lyrics of “Shame On A N***a” serves as a warning to M.C.’s bent on disrespect, while its dark, Dubstep imbued synth-line moves with an almost hip hop-esq swing. Next up is “Foolish Games”, which features Brooklyn-based RnB vocalist S.V. and is an ode to fallen First City soldiers... its vocoded style synth work, weaves its way between a haunting backdrop of bass stabbs and eerie pads. Closing out the E.P. is the dubstep roller “Iron Zion”, whose message is directed towards disingenuous revolutionaries, who talk more than act... its driving bassline and sonic landscapes, complement Kush’s lyrics while bringing a definite sense of urgency to the track...

"The Kushstep E.P." is available at Itunes, Amazon, Juno and direct from the
First City Record's Bandcamp page.

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