Thursday, October 6, 2011

Badness and Dizzle Kid on Logan Sama

being that there is always a bit of a disconnect between listening to a finished track on an album vs hearing a live set or freestyle from an artist... - the live version always seems to be a truer representation of the sound, allowing the music itself to come alive... that particular moment is captured in time, never to be reproduced exactly the same...

this live set taken from Badness and Dizzle Kid on Logan Samas' Kiss FM show, proves just how true that statement is... the 30+ minute freestyle session showcases how talented both artists are. their interaction and verbal sparring between tracks is spot on... most recently if your coming from a Dubstep angle you might've heard Badness on Nightmare (Coki & Cotti's Remix)... and with Dizzle Kid recently releasing his "Do What I Want EP" on September 19th... featuring production from Bless Beats, Faze Miyake and more... and there's no excuses cause its a free release, which you can download here.

its safe to say without a doubt, you'll be seeing a lot more from Badness and Dizzle Kid well into 2012... some highlights from the set include: ... track that comes in at 15:15, a banger... also a nice Funky-esq flavored number at 19:00 mn ...features a track by Uncle Dreama, + the track immediately following it is nuts... nice flavors throughout... Big Up

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