Monday, October 3, 2011

The Comic Mad Genius of Yannis Pappas

Yeh, we are a music blog, dont get it twis, every so often, we have to school you on some new hot film, a must have item, or in this case a real gem of a comedy event....

I'm sure some of you New Yorkers out there that aint been asleep over the last few years have heard of this guy. Introducting Yannis Pappas!! A real Brooklynite (born and bred, NOT FROM MANHATTAN OR IDAHO that is).

I'm not going to spend an hour on his bio. Take it from me, this guy is amazing and a real credit to the city from which he hails. If you want to find out more just check out his website for the full background.

I live in a predominantly Greek part of Queens and one day at my local barbers my friend put one of the many Yannis Pappas "Mr Panos" sketches on the youtube. It was wicked! I was dying, the whole room was too, and like so many things in comedy, it's so true to reality but yet so exaggerated in just the right ways to make it hysterically funny, reflective, poignant and just MADDDD!!! And just like the best comedy characters, they all have their own trade mark catch phrases.... And if you have been around me the last few weeks, you probably want to punch me in the face as I keep yelling... "Dassit!!!" or "Ballah!!!" and "Chinese Peepol!!!" at the end of every other sentence.

I then became hooked to Mr Panos, a character in the same comic tradition as Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat for example. Created by Yannis Pappas and based on a typical Greek New York diner owner, it struck a chord with me. I then discovered another few of his genius character creations.... most notably there's Mauricia Rodriguez, a transsexual Puerto Rican from the L.E.S. and then there's Brooklyn's The Sneaker Keeper.

Anyways, to conclude this post, you just gotta go check him out this November 10th. You can buy the tickets from Ticketmaster, just check his site for the correct links. It's rare to catch something so good in the early stages before it blows up, especially something so special to New York City. I mean, how long do you have to live here before you know a Mauricia?!??! a Mr Panos?!? or a Sneaker Keeper?!?!?? We all know might even be one!!!

A massive bigup to Yannis Pappas.... creating and innovating in NYC!! Dont Sleep!
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  1. this Dude is HILARIOUS... DO NOT MISS OUT... i pissed my pants numerous times!!! yeah i admit i peed... what??