Friday, October 7, 2011

Flashback Fridays - Craig Mack - Get Down Remix


even tho were close to being well into Saturday, I had to do a post on this track that's been in my head the last 72 hours... I have no idea where it came from.. I did go see Rich Medina spin this Wednesday, so its possible he might've played it... - I was a little torn up... nevertheless.. this is a classic from the early 90's, featuring Craig Mack... god help us if you don't know who Craig Mack is, if not google him please.. at the very least you've probably heard Flava In Ya Ear...

this version of "Get Down" happens to be a remix by Q-Tip [one of Tips many incredible remixes], and one of my favorites... I love hip hop from the 90's, if for nothing else... the eerie noises and soundscapes in the background... a smokers wet dream

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