Monday, October 17, 2011

Introducing G-Frsh Ft. Blade Brown "What you need"

If you know me, you know im a massive Blade Brown fan, his mixtapes this year and last year i've said (and i still stand by this statement) are the best hip-hop mixtapes to come out of the UK in the past 5 years, and maybe even better then alot of this mediocre yanky stuff that i even rate. Personally, I would even go as far as to say that its gone into my top ten mixtapes of all time, if you aint downloaded "bags and boxes" or this years "financial times"...SHAME ON U!!!! Wot kinda mug are u?!?!? time to wake the fuck up....anyways back to this post...

So, having said that, of course anytime I hear some new Blade B. I have go run check it out and recently, this popped up... It features another UK rapper called "G-Frsh" (ABOVE), who i have to be honest i ain't heard of yet, but as you can see from this track/video, the guy has maaad skills and is not to be forgive my ignorance! Anyways, whats more, the riddim is mental.... its got a classic James Brown sample in the hook, making it so hip-hop, that my UK cats are seriously giving the these lazy yanks a run for their money.... Jesus...if there was ever a time for the phrase "dont sleep nyc" ...its NOW!
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