Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Keep it Honest

What happened to humility in music? what happened to honest confessions of a man in pain...with all the bravado feigned in today's popular culture you seldom hear anything that makes u say " O yea, this person has feelings" or "is human" etc etc.

Honestly, are we so concerned about our image these days that we can't ever show any depth or dimension to our public image?
I like the 'I have a bigger gun and badder chick than you' song as much as the next man...but I miss tunes like these:

Okay, I'm lying, but only because I wasn't alive when this song came out. Which is why I feel like an ancient soul in modern times...that however is another story. Back to the matter at hand, we need to reinvigorate the depth in music. We, the artists/fans/PEOPLE, must do it through the music we choose to stand behind, and namely by just speaking the truth.

I give a lot of respect to Matic for his latest track concept and video, the message is not one that a lot of artists have the confidence, honesty or vision to discuss. And yes i am biased cause thats my dupes, but i would like to say in this case i am just a fan...enjoy:

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