Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Not Nice...for the haters....

I am glad to see NotNice is still putting out some was a shame when i saw him and di teacha get into it...and then they rob him and seem to want chase him out of JA.

He makes simple beats, that are tough as FUCK. So like i said haters it's Not Nice season...big ting.

That being said...while di gaza world boss looks on his cell floor with 2 murder charges and counting the boy Mavado is getting back in touch with his roots, with talks of repatriation back to Ghana (link copy and paste: )but before he leaves he has put out a tufff track...enjoy my peeps...A more thoughtful post is soon to come...blessings and love to all....We forward ever, won't and CAN'T look the physics of life dictate:

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